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Clean cheat-meals

Has anyone tried scheme?

For about five weeks ago, I dropped my weekly cheat-meals in favor of one clean, huge meal, and I havent looked back. Instead going apeshit on pizza and candy, I first have a big bunch of grapes. Then I make a large veggies-with-chicken-breast meal, which is followed by the dessert, oatmeal with cinnamon and banana-flavoured protein-powder.

Afterwards Im totally satisfied, and have merely consumed 1000 kcals (most of the carbs obvious, but from the best carb-sources there are). My conclusion is that my body isnt really craving for junk-foods, its just giving signals saying it wants to be filled up.

I think I might never have a pizza-slice again. I might have some pancakes for my 30th birthday, though. (Im 23 now). Im looking forward to going on Massive Eating after the summer, by the way.

I am more sane if i eat a clean cheat meal too

Cheat meals like pizza do nothing for me really because if im at home and have a cheat meal i’ll binge and then i just get pissed off

If im out then i will eat whatever i want on a cheat meal (e.g. if i go visit a relative or go to a restaurant)
in moderation since i have more control then

But if im at home, i’ll indulge in stuff that’s supposed to be healthy but isnt really lol like Cereals , meuslis, continental breads etc
i find that i dont binge then either

I eat clean almost all of the time. But now that I am lean, I’ve begun using Don Alessi’s advice in “Cheat to Win” and consuming one meal (usually on Sunday) that I’ve been craving all week.

I don’t like to eat too many “bad” meals, but I really had a craving for pizza, so I went and got myself a gourmet pizza (healthier than your typical pizza joints) and loaded it with mushrooms, peppers and grilled chicken. It was awesome! It hit the spot and helped control my craving.

I eat clean so often, that every once in a while I need to eat something like that to satisfy those once-in-a-blue-moon cravings. Otherwise, I do as you did and eat clean and fill up!

Hey this is a good idea…
I like the point that you just want to be FULL for once, not necessarily on junk food, just good food.
Going to try this and see.

The advantages I have found are:

  • no feeling of letting myself down (which strangely I sometimes got after consuming the daily energy-requirement of a small elephant-family on my earlier cheat-days)
  • better health (obvious)
  • cheaper (junk-food is quite expensive junk)
  • no risk of getting fat in one day
  • perhaps an anabolic boost ? (its really just Massive Eating for one day)

The disadvantages:

  • no pancakes

I always feel a lot better if I eat a cheat meal at a good resturaunt. When I do the food is typically a lot healthier, I get exactly what I want, and it’s a controlled environment - when I’m done, I’m done. It’s not worth it to me to waste a cheat meal on McD’s, or worse yet, eating whatever random junk food I can get my hands on. Give me Thai or a nice big juicy steak any day. Oh yeah, and beer.