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Clean Calories?

What are clean calories exactly?

clean calories are anything thats NOT junk food.

For ex. Potatoe chips = unclean
Potatoe = clean


So, I’m guessing that clean calories don’t make you fat.

well anythig can make you fat if you eat to much of it. But when eating clean i would suggest you balance stuff out and in some cases you CAN acctully eat more because their les dense. (With fewer calories in a bigger portin)

Excess calories will lead to weight gain, no matter if the calories are “clean” or not. If you take in more energy than you spend, the excess gets converted to fat and stored in your body.

[quote]chrisa1002 wrote:

So, I’m guessing that clean calories don’t make you fat.[/quote]

Cows eat grass and they’re fat. Eating 10,000 calories of clean food a day will make you fat. Since you can’t use up all those calories they have to go somewhere.

Cool. Thanks all.

Try to think of it in terms of what benefit the food is giving you. I eat to fuel my body and encourage muscle growth. So, when given the choice of having spinach and broccoli with my meat, or the same amount of calories in fries or some similar “junk” food, I’ll choose the one that has more beneficial nutrients per calorie, the vegetables.

a bit of an aside, Bruce Lee didn’t eat baked goods becuase he said the calories in them did nothing for the body. that is the same kind of thinking I employ in my eating.