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Clean, calorically-dense foods

I have trouble getting bigger because my schedule during the day makes it very difficult to eat enough calories. I need to come up with a plan that involves clean, healthy food that is high-calorie, quick to eat, easy to digest. I substitute teach during the day and take grad classes in the evenings. . .I want something I can eat that doesn’t distract the students I teach, or my fellow students in the classes I take. Cracking open a can of tuna, for example, would be very distracting.

Even on weekends, it isn’t practical for me to get my carbs from oatmeal, because it fills me up too fast. I eat a fair amount of bread and cereal just because it?s quick and easier, and doesn?t require as much chewing per calorie as a watermelon.

I think nuts are a lifesaver. . .high-calorie and easy and inconspicuous to eat and healthy. Raisins are as high-calorie as I can come up with carb-wise. Anyone have better suggestions? How badly high-glycemic / insulemic are raisins? Is anything better, that?s still calorically dense?

And how about protein? I don?t really wanna spend all my money on protein bars (I wouldn?t be able to afford many, trust me.) Filling Thermoses with protein powder and liquid egg whites works OK but is still a pain in the ass.

I?ve got an OK idea of how to train, but nutrition is the weak link that?s keeping me the size of a long-distance runner. Any suggestions?

(By the way, I?ve already read all the nutritional info in the FAQ. I generally try to eat along Berardi?s ?massive eating? guidelines.)

Attitude, that’s what’s killing you.

I take 3 shakers into work daily. They contain a combo of whey, cottage cheese, glut, creatine, fruit and oatmeal. I try to drink all 3 daily.

Take a quick-heat meal, i.e. chicken breast and olive oil. You can eat this quickly and it shouldn’t fill you up so quick that you can’t eat for 6 hours.

i too am a teacher.

  1. you have 2 recesses and a lunch, plenty of time to eat.

  2. i have eaten tuna, chicken, protein shakes, steak, and just about everything else in class and never caused a distraction.

I agree that pre-mixed protein drinks are the way to go. They are very inconspicuous when in the right container, or bring a big thermos and drink them in a coffee cup (!)

A chicken breast sandwich and banana can be eaten in 5 minutes. Surely you can get 5 minutes…

i have the same problem with my job. sometimes i’m lucky to get 5 minutes of down-time in a shift. i pre-make shakes (in a shaker bottle) and store them in the fridge at work. they consist of:

1 scoop whey protein
1 scoop milk and egg protein (trader joe’s)
1 tbsp. natural peanut butter
2 tbsp. flax meal

36.5p/10c(5.5g fiber)/14f/290kcal

this works for my dieting phase right now. obviously you can tweak it to fit your needs. need more fat? put in more peanut butter or a tbsp. of olive/flax oil. need more protein? put in some cottage cheese or another scoop of protein. need less fat and more carbs? substitute the p.b. with oat bran (more calorically dense than oatmeal.)

keeps you full for a few hours, tastes fine, and it only takes 30 seconds to drink.


I always use nuts and jerkey when I travel. I make my own shakes with grow and malto and put it in a baggie to take with me.

most teachers drink soft drinks during class. why cant you drink a protein shake? i student teach next spring and i can guarantee that every day i go to school i will have at least three protein shakes with me.