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Clean Bulking Diet


After cutting for a couple of weeks I realized I was in the wrong and need to bulk up to a decent size first.

Current Weight- 172
Goal Weight- 195
Height- 5"10

Ok lol I guess I'll bulk up for a couple of months. Thank you for the advice. Heres a sample of the diet I've been setting up over the last couple of minutes, any input on it will be appreciated.

Breakfast- 1 cup oatmeal- 300 cals, 54carb, 10protein
2 cups milk- 300 cals, 24 carb, 16 protein
1/2 cup egg beaters- 60 cals, 2 carbs, 12 protein
breakfast totals- 660 calories, 80 carbs, 38 protein

2 cups milk- 300 cals, 24 carb, 16 protein
2 scoops protein- 315 cals, 10 carb, 50 protein
snack1 totals- 615 cals, 34 carb, 66 protein

1/2cup beans- 110cals, 23g carbs, 8g protein
1/2cup brown rice- 150cals, 34g carbs, 3g protein
chicken breast- 130cals, 2g carbs, 27g protein
lunch totals- 390cals, 59carbs, 38 protein

snack2 preworkout-
1 scoops protein- 155cals, 5carb, 25protein
1 scoop dextrose- 92cals, 23carb, 0 protein
1cup milk- 150cals- 12carb, 8 protein
snack2 totals- 397cals, 40carb, 33protein

snack3 postworkout-
1 scoops protein- 155cals, 5carb, 25protein
1 scoop dextrose- 92cals, 23carb, 0 protein
1cup milk- 150cals- 12carb, 8 protein
snack2 totals- 397cals, 40carb, 33protein

burger- 270cals, 0carb, 31protein
cheese- 30cals, 2carb, 4 protein
dinner totals- 300cals, 2carb, 35 protein

2 cups milk- 300cals, 24carb, 16protein
1 scoop casein- 120cals, 3carb, 24protein
bedtime totals- 420cals, 27carb, 40protein

Daily Totals-
Calories- 3450-3,600 [add 300 in cooking prep (olive oil), vegetables and supplements (omega3â??s, bcaa etcâ?¦)]
Carbohydrates- 282
Protein- 283

Any modifications I should be doing? I'll be supplementing with protein powder, nitric oxide, creatine ethyl ester, omega3's, bcaa, multivi, vita-c

Will I gain much fat during this?
What is the typical fat to muscle ratio for an effective clean bulking cycle?
I'll be throwing in 500 calories per week if I feel I have stalled.

Thank You if you took the time to read this long post and please feel free to correct any issues with my diet!


"Will I gain much fat during this? "

Even with all you wrote, how are we supposed to know this?

"What is the typical fat to muscle ratio for an effective clean bulking cycle? "

There is no standard.

"I'll be throwing in 500 calories per week if I feel I have stalled."

Reasonable idea.

"Thank You if you took the time to read this long post and please feel free to correct any issues with my diet!"

You're welcome.


Don't forget that bulking for only 2 months as OP is planning is a waste of time.


Yeah I kind of figured that it would be very hard to answer those two questions regarding fat gain, lol. I was planning more on the lines of three to four months but how much time would you recommend therajraj? Also regarding the diet, is it ok since I see no edits?

Thank You.


If your current weight is 172 lbs and you want to be at 195, depending on your current BF you will need to gain 30 or more lbs to cut to your goal weight. No way you can do that in a couple of months without a significant amount of fat gain. Plan on bulking until you get to at least 210-220 lbs, or until you start to look like a fat slob, whatever comes first.


Your hub says you are 18. You are in the best muscle building years of your life. Nows the time to build muscle. Unless you are gaining shit loads of fat keep going.


Ok, yes I am 18 and I am sort of a late bloomer so I guess my test levels should be through the roof at the moment. Thank You for all your advice and I'll bulk until I start feeling like a mega fat ass, lol. I guess my diet is on point since no one has commented on it and I am starting it tomorrow.

Any advice is appreciated!


My advice is.... ^^that is a terrible idea. You dont have to turn into a mega fat ass just because you are bulking. Actually you SHOULDN'T turn into a mega fat ass unless you are doing it wrong.




Two things: firstly, drop the over-reliance on whey powders. While I agree whey powders have their time and place, I think you'd be doing yourself a favor by incorporating more whole foods into your diet. Whey protein is typically digested within 20 minutes, which makes it ideal post-workout. Amino acid concentrations peak in your blood stream between 20-40 minutes. You'll slow the passage of food through your system by switching to whole foods.

I'd save my whey powder for immediately post-workout only, taken with a scoop of waxymaize or something similar. Try two scoops of each. I'd also suggest substituting chicken or red meat for snacks "1" and "2", and cottage cheese or more eggs before bed. Finally, increase your intake of healthy fats.

Add an avocado or nuts to meals with lean sources of protein (i.e. chicken, not beef) outside your peri-workout (i.e. snacks 1 and 2 and before bed). Hope this helps.


It's like some of these guys are TRYING to gain fat.

I don't understand these comments unless they are really eating in an effort to get fat as if that is what "bulking up" means.


Correct. And statements like that imply that people don't know what the fuck they're doing! What competent lifter (recreational or competitive) would entertain the thought of over eating until they're a fat ass.

"Bulking" is a term that refers to putting on muscular weight which is sometimes accompanied by SOME although not excessive fat gain because some fat gain is an inherent part of doing it because bulking requires eating over maintenance calories and it's damn near impossible to hit some magical sweet spot in which there's muscle gain without fat gain.

Do people on here even read articles, mingle with bodybuilders, or even "study" what bodybuilding is all about at all?!


i realize we have a bulking sticky, but maybe its time to start a new one. there is clearly way too much confusion on this board about how to bulk. its almost unbelievable. what on earth did guys do before the internet? how did they figure all this out? all these macro ratios and equations. bodyweight x height x shoe size? foods you can/cant/should always eat but only on a tuesday after you have done HIIT, HIT, OVT,GVT, and every other acronym that gets thrown around these boards.

i vote for a new bulking thread led by the people on this board i trust: X (i know you have explained yourself a million times but maybe one more might do the trick), H4M, austin, Greg, Stu, and any other prominent member of the board of trusteeees. under 200lbs? read, dont post.


Dude, to tell the truth, I am just shocked that people think like that. I have explained this shit in terms a baby could understand and I still get people acting like I am telling everyone to get fat.

These guys believe what they want to believe no matter what gets typed out.

I have no problem making a sticky, but most of these fuckers seem to not be able to understand this shit no matter the shade of crayon.

This is a simple concept. People are the ones MAKING it complicated.


"... what on earth did guys do before the internet?"

Well here's how my grandfather did it in the 40's while in the army, weighing in at 200+ at 5'8". It's very simple.

Meal 1
Toast and/or potatoes and/or oatmeal

Meal 2

Meal 3
Same as meal 2

Snacks as needed and desired.

Actually this is still how everyone does it, albeit with a bit more precision and focus on specific nutrients and perhaps meal replacements instead of "snacks".

Back then people also actually got out of the damn house and were forced to see how it's done LIVE and retrieve nutrition information from books and magazines and other HUMANS.

The explosion in technology (that is, the internet with its hundreds of thousands of nutrition articles) has done both harm and good. One time people were forced to pay attention to the information they received and they weren't strayed by dozens of opinions on a message board. This meant they had to try some stuff and see how it panned out rather than posting shit and asking, "How does this look?" before getting out of the house and lifting or designing a diet.

People sometimes say that the low-fat, high-carb way craze in the 80s was flawed. Perhaps it was a craze, but now that I think of it, a craze is better than having too many options for MOST people because most people have proved they can't understand or apply information correctly!

Back in the days, it was either you got shredded on a low fat, high carb diet, or a low carb, high fat diet. End of story! Two choices! People followed them, and that was it!


I never said that I was going to bulk my body to fatass, I said I will stop if I feel like I have gained a lot of fat. As for the shakes, I have to rely on them for convenience since I am a college student and can't be in the kitchen 24/7. Actually, I think my diet is kind of clean so I don't expect a massive fat gain. I don't want to nor plan on turning into a mega fat ass.

Skwasny, thanks for your advice on dropping some powders, I'll try and see a way to prepare food the night before. However, doesn't the fat on the milk delay the digestion of my mid-morning shakes?

Also Snack2 is my preworkout so the liquid form is very convinient + shuttling those nutrients into my body before my workout would only be beneficial taking timing into consideration?

Thank You!


im not disagreeing. i just think that a lot of these threads have become to cluttered by shit information from shitty posters that people are getting the wrong idea in general...about everything.

i think a nice fresh thread on the ins and outs of bulking by knowledgeable posters might be good for the community. when was the last time you read the bulking sticky? the things some people are saying are insane. i think i read some guy suggesting drinking vegetable oil? come on.

even a straight up Q&A on bulking with recognized posters as the "experts" might do some good. anyone not enlisted to give information shouldnt.


That doesn't mean NO ONE gets it. Those who do understand don't post.

I.e., I'm finally getting serious about muscle gain, but I'm not asking questions because "eat more if you aren't gaining weight and eat less if you are getting too fat" doesn't really seem to leave much uncovered.


If your only 18 you should make the next year or two all about gaining! eat, sleep, deadlift, squat,bench never let yourself go hungry don't think bulk or cut whatever, just train as hard as you can than some more,and your body should eat those calories up, take advantage of your body's testosterone, you wont get this same chance again.


I don't know how long that Q&A would be. It might be very short. After all, what is there to say about getting big besides the following?

1) Follow an effective, individualized bodybuilding routine (2 to 4 exercises per bodypart, compound and isolation, frequency of one to two times/week, bla, bla, bla).
2) Follow a typical bodybuilder's diet and eat above maintenance (1-1.5 grams protein/lb, 20 to 30% fat, rest carbs, bla, bla bla).
3) If you get too fat, subtract some food from your diet or go on a mini-diet for 2 to 3 weeks and/or do some more cardio.

What else is there to say or inquire about? Even non-experts with a brain know what to do.