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Clean Bulking Advice?


(6' /170lbs /8-9% body fat)

When ever I start my fall semester of school I want to start a clean bulk. I've read literally hundreds of articles on bulking and none of them are giving me a clear view of what I need to do. I am completely natural and always will be.

I currently eat anywhere from 2000 to 2800 Cals per day(varying low to high carb), I eat ridiculously clean, and lift 5-6 times per week. Please, someone help me out with a diet/supplement plan to put some muscle mass on.



Be consistent with your diet and track calories for a couple months until you know what portion sizes are best for you.

Time your carbs around your workout, think of them as fuel.

Workout with a lot of intensity so your food goes to the right places (muscle).

Get a food scale to use for tracking your calories more accurately.

Gaining a lot of muscle with minimal fat gain takes dedication, you really get out what you put in when it comes to training and nutrition.

Here's the calorie tracker i use, it's and offline program.



(6' /170lbs /8-9% body fat)

I dont think anyone was in any doubt that you are all natural... twig...


Based on your BF % and the fact that you say you eat really clean already I would suggest simply eating more of what you're eating now. That could be larger portions at each meal or adding in another meal. Or adding in protein shakes if the extra food is a problem. It should be relatively easy to handle since you aren't fat and already eat clean. The key word is MORE.


Get Shelby's Lean Gain Principles E-book. Quick read with good, simple to follow info.


Simple.. you need to eat more than you currently do. That doesn't mean you need to immediately double your calories, that will only make you fat. The real goal is to increase nutrients at the times of the day/night when they will be most beneficial to your recovery, but not at times when they will just go unused. Ideal times would be peri-workout, first thing in the morning, and not just increasing cals, but making sure they're worthwhile cals before bed.

Remember, you can't force feed muscle growth. The human body doesn't work like that. You can however provide a better environment for recovery and growth, as well as providing more raw materials to accomplish your goals.