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Clean Bulk Strategy From Failed Keto


Just thought I'd check for tips on my diet if anyone has time and something to suggest.

I tried to go metabolic keto and thought it would be easy as I'm conditioned to low carbs. But below 50 grams of carbs a day didn't allow me to do proper workouts after the first week and losing fat is only a secondary thing at this stage because I need more mass. So, I'm transitioning from a failed keto diet to the same diet but with more carbs.

I want a slight caloric surplus(around 3250 daily) in macro ratio approx: 12% carbs 33% protein 55% fats. I was previously only consuming incidental carbs from other foods and a little greens and cruciferous. Now I have a small cup of oats at breakfast with a tiny bit of dried fruit in it. Then workout a few hours later.

Then have another small hit of sugar afterwards to spike insulin levels. I only need a tiny bit of sugar as my diet has been so low carb my fasting blood sugar level is 1.0(extremely low and ideal) and therefore extremely low tolerance to insulin.

My questions are

Is it good to have such extremely low LDL cholesterol from this sort of diet? Is LDL cholesterol needed for muscle growth and is an "ideal" low LDL cholesterol sufficient?

Is it okay to stay on a high fat macro ratio when not in metabolic ketosis?

Would I gain more lean mass if I struggled through the next few weeks with low energy doing less intense workouts and depleting all my glycogen to force myself into ketosis? Is it worth it? I believe in ketosis lean mass is the very last energy source your body uses and fat the very first whereas when not in ketosis the body goes for sugar first then starts attacking muscle mass when it runs out of sugar and glycogen muscle / liver stores.

So if keto is really worth it I'll give up a few weeks of energy to get there but otherwise I need advice on a clean bulk strategy / macros and tips for retaining and increasing lean mass cleanly. Recently I've been eating loads of coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, oily salmon and sardines, avocado, flax seed, sunflower oil and seeds and other high oil content foods. I throw in a little saturated and even transfats like fried chicken and bacon but not very often and I don't overhit on my calories.

I feel better on these high fat diets than I do eating more protein than I need and having to synthesise glucose from protein to fuel my workouts. Are high fat diets good outside of metabolic ketosis if they're mostly "good" fats and oils like omegas and polyunsaturated etc? Is keto worth it if gaining strength and mass is your essential priority?