Clean Bulk Only Increased Waist. Diet or Workout Problem?

Hi all, this is my before and after 6 months clean bulk result. As u all can see, not many changes on my other bodypart except my belly. 32 inch to 35 inch. Gain weight from 68kg to 75kg. My workouts are Squat, Overhead press, barbell row, deadlift and bench press. 3 sets, 8 reps, 3 movement per day, 3 times a week. Hiit jumping once per week.
My diet (bodyweight in pound times by 16). White rice, chicken breast, peanuts, egg white.
So, is something wrong guys? Why is my stomach got bigger faster than my other bodyparts?
Thanks in advance

Your diet contains no vegetables and your only fat source is peanuts. I’m not even well versed in nutrition, but I can tell you right away that it’s not a good approach. I think your concepts of “clean” eating need tweaking. Check out this approach to nutrition

Your routine also is incredibly low in volume, and you’re only doing 1 sort of direct back movement (barbell row). You don’t HAVE to go super crazy with volume, but volume really helps with growth, so if your goal is to bulk, I think you’d have better luck using a routine that has proven to be successful in that regard.

How long have you been training, and what are your lifts like?


This is a new one to me, can you explain please?

This is not a diet for someone who wants to look healthy or perform well. For gods sake, eat some vegetables, what would your mum say?

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Hiit jumping jack. Sorry, typing error.
I had my vegetables but i didnt state it as it didnt contribute many calories. :grinning:
Right now, my bench press, barbell row 7.5kg, squat, deadlift, overhead press 8.75kg.

The bar typically weighs 20kg. Are you factoring that into your numbers?

Withholding info makes things tricky when it comes to giving advice. Could you give a detailed breakdown of your diet? What exactly did you eat yesterday?

So guys, i need to change my diet and workout then, what about my calories? Deficit or surplus?

I’ve been training for 6 months now.

Ok, i was very strict with my diet, i ate white rice, plain roasted peanuts, plain boiled chicken and plain boiled vegetables for 6 days straight, and 1 day cheat which i ate anything without counting calorie or macro. I drank 3 liters plain water everyday.
My bar only weigh 7 kg. Not olimpic bar.

The weight i stated is the plates alone.

Have a look at the clean bulking myth video by Dr Mike Isratel on youtube.

2 inches are probably from the fact you haven’t shit in s fortnight.

Ok, breaking it down very simply,

I would say change diet and change training. Volume is very helpful for muscle growth. Currently you are doing 9 sets per workout, 3x a week.

I would suggest a baseline of approximately 14 sets a workout +/- 2 sets based on good days or bad days. I would suggest 4-5 exercises total per day. This is for 3 days a week.

If you train 4x a week I would suggest 12-14 sets total. Upper body, Lower body, rest, upper, lower, rest, rest. Or mon/wed/fri/sun even.

Sets do not include warm up sets, but since you are so new and the weights so light, it probably won’t be an issue.

Your exercise choices are good and cover most of the body. Good job on that part.

Your nutrition is really terrible. You need at least some variety. A lot of people don’t mind eating the same thing every day and it makes it easy to shop, but in that case eat different sources every day.

In other words, instead of only chicken and egg whites, do something like the following for meat sources (this is just an example)

meal 1–1 egg + egg whites
meal 2–chicken
meal 3–92% lean beef
meal 4–fish
1 protein shake somewhere in the day.

Fats are where you really screwed up mostly–you need a variety of healthy fats. Olive oil, avocado, walnuts, coconut oil…not just peanuts. Get variety. Of you want do the same thing as I showed with meats–put in a different fat source in each meal. Stay away from peanuts as an experiment to try to get you to think outside the little box.

Calories–go to bodyweight x 15 and see if your weight stabilizes and maintains. If not adjust until it does maintain at one spot. This spot–whatever it is–is now your maintenence level. keep it there for a little bit and focus on getting more intense workouts.

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I see. Thank u very much guys. Thank you so much for helping. God bless u guys.

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Like the guys have pretty much said, your training and nutrition are basically terrible and need to be completely changed. There’s also no such thing as “high intensity jumping jacks”, so you’re not actually doing “HIIT”. Basically any workout here will be better than what you’re currently doing.

Keeping a simple diet is fine, but there’s no need to eat only four different foods. Different sources of protein, carbs, and healthy fats have plenty of benefits.