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Clean Bulk: Gaining .5-1 lbs of LBM/wk?


I'm 28 years old, 6'3'', 214lbs around 13%bf. I'd like to stay around the bf% I am now but add a good 10lbs of lean mass by this summer. The problem is I've become hooked on all types of supplements etc. I've used so many DS/PH's in the past, is this goal even possible without them?

I read about IGF and cutting edge new supplements like Ostarine etc, and see that people gain around 10lbs without any extra fat in less than 8 weeks time, and I wonder how much mass can I plan on gaining if I only trust in hard work with training and diet, around 4200 calories per day for me to start.

I've been training now for over 10 years, and my original goal was to be 225-230lbs lean (12-13%bf), and after slacking off on proper diet and training, i've trusted in all types of supplements for too long.

At my age and my history of usage, is this goal of a clean bulk within that amount of time even possible? I will be taking GHRP-6 just to help with my appetite which is tiny now. What do u think?


IMO if you have used DS/PH in the past and are considering using GHRP and other peptides, you might as well go whole hog and just go "on"...you could reach your goals and then some by spring.

Might wanna ask in the Steroids forum


Yes, it can be done.

It can also be done with ZERO supplements.

And I'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that you're current physique and strength stats could have been reached with proper training and ZERO supplements too.

Who tested your bf percentage and with what tool?


I did, I'm a personal trainer by profession and I've always used calipers. I've never actually wrote out a daily diet outline plan to go by, and I have now and for the first week it's been great! I did CKD diet up until early December then I took Slin Sane and Mdrol(low dosed) for two and a half weeks and had great results. Now, i'm about done with PCT and I'm looking to start a legit clean bulk for really the first time ever. I'm tempted to try out Ostarine to help me stay lean, or would something like DAA work just as well for the purpose of staying lean while bulking? Any tips?


Yes - don't overfeed too much.

It's a cheaper way too.


so skip the Ostarine for now and try some DAA? I know it increases LH and thereby increases strength sex drive etc, but does it help with mass?




i think he meant skip the supplements and intelligently structure your diet so as not to over feed yourself in order to keep yourself relatively lean.