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Clean Bulk Advice


Hi im 19 and would like to bulk up. Was just wondering if anyone out there could help guide me and give me some good tips. I've found I have lost a bit of size as I have changed my diet to rip up. However I would now like to put on 5-10kg of clean pure muscle. I dont want to be huge i just want like a for example fitness models built.

I also do a fair bit of cardio everyday and my training consists of supersets chest/back, bis/tris, shoulders/abs and legs twice a week lifting a heavy weight pretty much till failure.

So maybe if anyone out there could help me out by telling me what to eat in order to achieve clean bulk.


Wrong website. Sorry.


Where in aus are you from champ? You might be looking for mens health or a body pump website but these might help


Im from sydney mate how about you


Read bulking tips for newbies and stop making Aussies look like dicks!


oh dear…

I wouldnt say “I dont want to get big” around here you’ll get ripped to pieces…

If you lost alot of size on a cut it was most likely glycogen depletion and loss of water weight, as long as you are sensible you shouldnt lose muscle mass on a cut…did you read yesterdays article on hardball nutrition?


[quote]McMuscles wrote:
Read bulking tips for newbies and stop making Aussies look like dicks![/quote]

Yep, this is a giant fail for our Australian brothers. You know at least in NZ its small enough where we could track this guy down and give him a big “FAIL” sign.