Clean and Snatch

should you do clean and snatch’s on the same day, if you do should you do one from starting on the ground (power) and one from the knees (hang), one more sets than another.

I split mine by putting the snatch on leg speed day and clean & Jerk on bench speed day so I can benifit from the Jerks power properties. (My speed day is actually a speed/power endurance day for MMA but I try to keep an overall westside format.) If oyu do them together perhaps doing snatches first would be best. Why not alternate each workout?
I don’t see the harm in doing hang cleans too but if, for e.g. the getting off the ground phase is weak I would focus there. What are you trying to develop with these lifts?

It all depends on your reason for training–there is no way to answey your question without knowing what your goals are, what the rest of your training program is, what your recovery abillity, weak points, etc, are.

There are good training programs that have just about every imaginable combination of snatching and cleaning.

i’m a college football player and the 4 day split i want to use is a basic chest, shoulder tri monday and thursday with leg, lats and bi’s on tuesday friday, i want to do hang clean on monday and power cleans on thursday, but i also want to incorporate snatches in there. so i was thinking of doing power cleans and hang snatches on thursday or doing snatches on thursday with power cleans on friday? what ya think?

I would think you could try any number of combinations and see what works. I would generally train the snatches before the cleans (either in one workout or in the week). You might be able to greatly simplify your plan simply by doing all your o-lifts together, two or three times per week. I mean just start out doing your weakest exercise–hang snatches, add weight until your have to do power snatches, then go to hang cleans, and finally to power cleans. If you are training for football, and you do this and finnish with some squats, it seems to me you would have a great workout for your “legs back and biceps”. Also, it would probably make sense to train your o-lifts on the day before your “chest shoulders and triceps” workout, b/c you do not want your shoulders to be sore.

By the way, I believe the term “power clean” does not mean a clean done from the floor, but rather, a clean in which you do not squat down to catch the weight. A clean, power or otherwise, is generally assumed to be from the floor, unless you say “hang”.

ok thanks, sorry i always learned as power ment from the floor and hang from knees.

Maybe you could base your program around movement (sport) specifics rather than bodyparts (bodybuilding).

i mostly do train for my sport but when i say bi’s i’ll do one exercise for that body part just to build some mass for my total body.