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Clean and Snatch

When should I do Hip Clean and Hip Snatch in my 5 day workout routine where i do Chest and triceps monday back, shoulders, and biceps tuesday legs wednesday chest and triceps thursday and back shoulder and biceps friday?

I do them as warm ups to prime me for my first lifts (ie. bench press or push press). I do low reps, around the 3 rep mark and work up to about 5 total sets. I always perform better on my focus lifts when I use these as warm ups. But thats how I use them, may not be what your looking for.

looking at your split I would probably do them on friday. I’ve always found cleans and snatches done from a hang are a good way to warm up my shoulders.

I’d do them like cally said, pick one and just work up in 5s or 3s and stop when your reps start to slow.