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Clean and Snatch Form Check


For the 1st clean I was using 40 kg (give or take a few kg)

2nd cleans - 60kg

snatch - 40 kg

Hows my form?



I would say definitely try to get your hips lower before your "first pull". You're best pull from the floor was the last snatch, IMO. It looks like you have pretty good flexibility down in the hole on both lifts. Wait for someone's advice who deserves to be giving advice, I'm not that person as of yet.


Cheers for the feedback mate. My first pull is crap. It feels really strange when I get my hips lower, but I'll give it a few goes tomorrow, I'll probably get used to it in no time.




you need to get your hips down on the first pull. you pull with your torso way too horizontal to the ground. it looks like you catch the clean like leaning forward too much, like you let the weight push your upper back forward but then you're able to adjust because it's so light. if it was heavy it looks like it'd just fall down. try to stay more upright and get your elbows up high. also, focus on really extending your hips hard and get them all the way through to finish the 2nd pull strong.


Thanks, I'll put that into practice.


Do you have wooden blocks? Your weights are non standard Oly size so the bar is lower then it should be.

Lower your hips so you can use your legs more. The higher the hips = more back
--when the weight gets heavier it'll be much heavier to lift with your hips being so high,

Extension looks good on the whole.

Pull faster to get under the bar, you get up well but you sort of 'float' a bit on the way down, you don't attack the bar and get under it as soon as you get up.

Don't bounce at the bottom, once down just get up. This will save you energy when the weight is up.

1st Sn was better then the 2nd one. 2nd is noticeably in front and you loop it away from the body. Watch the video again. 1st is a lot better.

Get some Oly shoes, it'll with balance, your a tad forwards on some of them. Easy to fix.

Looks good mate, get some more videos in.



I trained by myself for a little while with sub par equipment and environment, its not ideal but I got a couple of things out of it. What sort of bar are you using? I nearly wrecked my wrist with a non-oly bar but then again I have little bendy hypermobility wrists (& that's an understatement). You might find it easier to attack as Koing says, if you had on shoes and were not on some uncomfortable looking ground there.


As Koing said. Try to get the bar to the correct height.

Here is a pro tip. All that shuffling your feet, touching your pants, snapping your fingers, rolling the bar etc. Stop it! Olympic lifting is a focus sport, so lay off the Red Bull. :slight_smile: No, but seriously, none of that is going to help your lifting. Just grab the bar. Focus for a short moment and lift.

Lifting looks pretty solid. Keep working on those timings. I personally recommend never doing "power clean to squat" or "power snatch to overhead squat". When you catch the bar, stop. Take note where you caught it and stand up. If it is high, adjust the timing in the next lift. Rince and repeat 'til you have flawless timing. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thanks for all the tips, Ill put them all into practice.

LOL at all that rolling the barbell and shuffling my feet and scratching and stuff, I just realised how stupid it looks, but it does help me focus. I dont even realize I'm doing it. I honestly think if I didn't do all that (subconsciously) I'd fuck up


Doesn't really matter imo. The main thing is to not stay down too long in the set position as if you then lift you could black out more easily...but this is fairly rare.

I take an absolute age setting up...I get over to the bar and stand over it for a decent amount of time. I probably stand over the bar longer than any other lifter in the UK. You just don't see this in the videos as it wastes time so I edit that bit out.