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Clean And Press Transition


Tonight I was doing some power clean and presses. I could clean the weight pretty easily, but had trouble in gathering myself and pressing on my first rep. What types of things should I be doing to make sure I don't lose any "tightness" from receiving the clean, to pressing the bar. The bar feels like 500lbs when I have it in the racked posistion.
Any thoughts?


How is your setup with your elbows? Do you have them dropped or in a front squat position?

If you have them in the front squat position with the bar resting on your delts, it is much more comfortable. Takes a bit getting used to jerking out of that position though.

Heavy front squats always help.


I keep my elbows high on the catch, and then lower them when it is time to jerk. But you are saying to keep them in the racked posistion ...cool I'll give it a shot


Are you push-pressing with a bit of leg drive or doing strict military presses? I mix them up a bit and drop the elbows for strict presses and keep them high for push presses and/or push jerks.

Also, are you power cleaning or squat cleaning? I always find that squat cleaning leaves me a bit light-headed after standing up from the exertion of coming up out of the hole and this definitely makes the bar feel like 500lbs, LOL!


Watch some Oly videos. You will see when some lifters are front squatting the weight up, they give it an extra "pop" to reset their elbows for the jerk. Others don't pop and jerk with their elbows up.

Find what works best for you.