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Clean and Press Muscles


Hey everyone,
I recently added clean and press to my workouts, which I really enjoy, however, i feel like I may not be recruiting the right muscles for the pull portion. Should I be starting the pull with my back and rear delts similar to a barbell row? Or should I use my delts similar to an upright row?


It should really be initiated from your hips with little pull from the arms.


what about the Muscle Clean and Push Press that CT mentions in this article?




It starts at the hips along with a leg drive followed by an explosive "shrug" to the clean position. Then you use your legs once again to "push press" or "jerk" the weight overhead and stabilize the weight using your shoulder girdle.


Well you didn't say muscle clean haha. This is what CT says "Use only a slight leg action to help get the bar on its way while the arms do most of the work." so, do that then.


This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!