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Clean and Press Motion

If I am doing a clean and press motion in regular sets (as opposed to doing it once or twice with ungodly heavy weights) should I be cleaning the weight from the floor every time, or just cleaning it up to my chest once and then pressing it repeatedly? I�??m trying this as a way to engage a lot of muscles while hitting my shoulders hard.

Clean it off the floor every rep.

I’ve got to start doing these again. They’re rather difficult (ie not possible) to do with the same weight I can use on the seated DB overhead press.

Using them as a shoulder exercise, I muscle clean them from a hang. However, if I wanna up the weight and develop full body power, I power clean from the floor.

I clean from the floor because I also use my legs a little to press it (push press). The hardest part is resetting the bar into a good position to start the pull again, and avoiding smashing my shins. I usually stick to sets of 5, 3, or singles.