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Clean and Press Form - Video Fixed


Hey CT. I posted this a few days ago and you asked me to fix the video and post it right side up.

This is my 1RM from todays Clean and Press layer session, topping out at 185 lbs. Second time ever performing this move and first time ever seeing myself do it on film. One thing I notice is i Might be pulling with my arms a little bit. It also looks like I need to get my hips more involved? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


Shoot. I am pretty sure the video doesnt work again. Does anyone have any idea on how to post a video from an iphone?



Can't see it


Download it to your laptop when you connect (should auto ask you, if you wish to do so)

Right click the video on your desktop; Properties - open with Windows Movie Maker.

You can then edit / change view as needed.

Upload to YouTube.



Just upload it to Youtube right from the phone. Click on the video from the camera roll, press the share button, choose YouTube. Done.


His video is sideways, YT doesn't offer the editing to turn view 90 degrees etc :slightly_smiling: