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Clean and Press for Noobs?


I read the stickies on O lifts/O lift variations and I have the range of mobility and flexibility, but don't know if I should be attempting clean and press as a noob. Would also like to be doing snatch but same concern.

I do deadlifts, squats and benchpress and I've been getting good results so I'd like to do more compound lifts. I particularly like the fact that O lifts and variations involve explosive power, as well. Any suggestions? What other O lift variations can be done with relative safety and good overall strength gains?


Do it. Use common sense and video your own form to tweak it.

Lifting isn't dangerous...


Nothing is safe about lifting weights. You minimize the risk by using proper form, but nothing is 100% certain.

YouTube has a great series by the user Squat Rx.


O-lifts done wrong are the fastest way to hurt yourself, or others around you. Start with the bar (bumper plates if you have them) and get your form down before attempting to add weight. When you do add weight, build up slowly.

Hell, you can practice form at home with a broom stick. That's how my coach started me on it - I just practiced the movement pattern for a few days without any weight. It's actually harder to have good form with a really light weight, so if you master the broom stick, you're good to go.

I would start by doing the two movements separately, so you can concentrate on form on each of them.


As others have said, the Olympic lifts are just as safe, and just as dangerous, as any other compound exercise and you should treat it with the same respect as squats or deads when you're learning them.

I tossed up a few good videos in the Beginner's Technique Thread that give an idea of what "good enough" (as opposed to "competition perfect") clean technique is:

Also, for what it's worth, I never found broomstick practice to be very useful. I always needed some resistance to get a better feel for the movement, so I learned better with around 55 pounds.

Thibaudeau goes over high pulls in some of the Neural Charge videos:

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That might be a bit of info overload (eh, I was on a roll, so sue me) but you should be able to notice some common technique pointers from from each coach.


Thanks for the help guys. I have been practicing form using just a barbell. And thanks for those links Chris. The more Ive got to read/watch the better.