Clean and Jerk Problem/Question

-5’10" long arms, very long legs, short torso
-175 pounds 14% bf
goals: get stronger, bigger, and more coordinated (mostly stronger and coordinated)
-lifting little over a year
supplements: 12g fish oil/day, magnesium, zinc, tribulus, dhea, glucosamine sulfate (keeps my shoulders feeling good)

current lifts:
pl style dl-415
pl style squat-300
pl style bench-215
front squat-225 (conservative guess-185 5 rm)
power snatch-170
power clean-205
clean and jerk-155

warm up
try to power snatch 3 triples (at the moment goes like 3, 2, 1)
power clean 3 triples
front squat 3 sets, 4 reps
ballistic incline bench on smith machine 3 sets, 4 reps

hang snatch 3 sets 5
hang clean 3 sets 5
pl back squat 4 sets 4
front squat 3 sets 5
dumbbell incline bench 3 sets 6

pl style deadlift max (good pl style warm up preceeding)
front squat 3 sets 5
pl style bench 3 sets 3
calf and/or arm work if i’m up to it

My biggest question is about the clean and jerk.  Everything i've read says that clean and jerk should be considerably higher than a snatch.  The problem i've had is that to go above 140 on the jerk for my shoulder really hurts.  In fact, just a little while ago it forced me to do some rehab on it because of a minor injury.  I don't know if it's a muscle/flexibility imbalance that i can fix, or if it's something i just shouldn't ever do again.

If anyone has any advice to give, i would love to hear it. Thank you for any help that you can provide.

Well, the C&J should be a lot higher than the snatch, and it looks like your jerk is the limiting reagent.

I have the same problem- can clean more than I can actually jerk.

Jerks used to hurt my shoulders too, I’d get a sharp intense pain in the front during the lift followed by a dull throbbing during the first minute after the set. I deal with it by throwing in shoulder work during my warm-up: military pressing the bar both to the clavicle and to the rear delts. That opened my shoulders to be able to jerk pain free.

If your problem isn’t that you’re going in cold, it might be general shoulder health. At which point, reading everything Cressey has ever written becomes a great idea, especially ‘Shoulder Savers’.

Thanx for the advice. I’ll have to try it out.
And yeah, that description is identical to the way my shoulder feels after doing them.