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Clean and Jerk? Portion Best for Vertical

 I am now slowly teaching myself how to clean and jerk without splitting my legs. I was wondering which part of the movement is most likely to increase my vertical? Would it be the part where you take if off the floor and catch it in the front squat position or the part where you jerk it up over your head? Remember I won't be splitting my legs when I jerk it over my head, I wanna be quick enough to not have to split my legs. Thanks for any help.


2nd pull... (from the knees up to "rack" position).


IT IS THE PORTION OF THE LIFT WHERE YOU ACCEPT THE WEIGHT IN THE CATCH pHASE. The ability to generate force is governed only by your ability to accept force. Great deadlifters do not equate to great leapers yet real olympic weightlifters (full Range) are always great leapers. Learn to accept force and you be able to project it.


If you want increases in vertical, forget the cleans. The catch portion does help with force absorbtion, but there are better ways to increase your leaping ability.

Go over to inno-sport site and read what they have to offer. If this isn't enough, go to google and search "DBHammer training Forum" and read the info there. One must not confuse the means with the modality.



IMO, All of it, but inparticular

the jerk.

Vertical leap has a lot to do with your arm movement as well, and the jerk is a movement that mimics your vertical leap a lot... legs do most of the work but arms have to follow them. Its very synchronized, and is mimic'd well with the Jerk.

Another exercise that follows the same concept is the Dumbbell Swing.


I'm going to say the second pull has the most carryover to vertical, as this is where the most explosive triple extension occurs. It is for this reason that hang cleans are exceptional at developing explosive power.


Yeah, I agree. Every part of the lift will help.



I'd go with the power snatch over clean, but as was said it's a small part of the picture. I'd use heavy eccentrics instead of the catch phase of the clean to develop the ability to receive force most of the time.



I agree with RJ, cleans aren't as good as some other exercises for vert.

Kelly B had a topic on this, here is the link:


Read the Triple extension part of the article.


LoL everyone is saying the same thing

Cleans, but...


I agree check DBHammer and Kelly's shit.

I prefer Kelly...easier read haha, once you "get" DBHammer's lingo down though you're pretty much golden.


If you really want to improve your vert, strengthen your legs, butt, erector spinae, lats, shoulders and do lots of jumping.

I have seen young athletes get the same results from Oly lifts as from machine lifts when they incorporate proper jump routines with their lifting.

This may be blasphemous to some here, but TFB. Strength plus jumping equals increased vert (all done properly, of course).


I'd rather read Zatsiorsky's book Science and Practice of Strength Training than DB Hammer's articles - straight from the horses mouth rather than an intermediary.

DB says good stuff, just in too roundabout a way.



I agree. Zatsiorsky's texts, while incredibly in depth, are layed out well enough for "easy" reading.


Very good point dan...



As a number of people have already said, it would be the second pull. The reason being that at this stage the lifter has rebent his knees (which are reasonably straight from the first pull of the floor)and is essentially in the jumping position. From this position, the lifter simple jumps, shrugs, pulls, catches and absorbs. Think about perfroming your cleans from a hang position (high above the knees to begin with, and below as you progress), as this incorporates a stretch shortening cycle as a vertical jump would.

I would suggest that you break the clean up into stages and learn each before progressing to the next. A simple progression would be (top down from a high hang): shrug, high pull, catch (full hang clean). Spead a while at each stage, always ensuring great technique, and trying to move as quickly as possible.

You may also what to learn the snatch. This can be learnt in the same progressive manner as the clean, and has the advantage that the catch possition is easier to perfect. On this subject, when racking/catching the bar in the clean, ensure that you catch it on the shoulders with a loose grip, and not simple with the wrists in front of the body. A simple way to ensure you are doing this correctly, is to perform a front squat once you have caught the bar. If the bar is up on the shoulders, this will be easy, if it is out in front of the body you will know about it.

This is a common error, which can be preveted providing the movement is learnt properly in the early stages. To get the best out of these movements, I really encourage you to spend the time practicing the techniques before perfroming the whole lift and loading it.

I apologize if i have strayed from your original question a bit. I hope the above information will be usefull.

Regards. Pete.