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Clean and Jerk? Help!

I have a coach that hasnt said anything about my form but once we get to comp. i realized that most people there do a front squat on the clean part. I do a lunge to get under the weight. I torn my cartilage in my knee and do feel comfortable yet doing a front squat. is the squating method better?

It depends. The split style has a number of advantages, and the squat style has other advantages. A lot of it is your coach’s style and your style. Besides, world records have been set with the split style throughout the history of the sport. Squat style is in vogue right now. But Oly lifting is not my specialty. Some others here are a bit more knowledgeable about it.

Nearly every single lifter now a days will do the squat versions as they are more economical = you can get lower = you can Clean more or Snatch more weight.

The split style was the old skool before they ‘knew’ about the squat versions. Old as in 40yrs or so ago I think.

Split variety for most people require less mobility but I have seen some guys do the most insane split you’d have ever seen, and those split Cleans/ split Snatchs would push anyone with their mobility. BUT they are few and far between. Most splits aren’t that low.

Get some videos of your lifts. We don’t often see split lifters!


The only guys who split anymore are way-over-the-hill masters who can only lift in this manner. Ditch it and learn to squat.