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Clean and Jerk Giant Clusters

In your clusters article you explained that with giant clusters you can move up in weight once you have reached the top end of the rep range for a particular intensity zone. For instance, 10 reps in 12min at 90% you can go up in weight in the next session.

My question is do these principles apply to the clean and jerk? It takes me longer to C&J than other lifts and there is less time to recover.

Thank you for your time.

Yes it does.

See it this way:

  1. In the clean & jerk the lift lasts longer than a squat, bench, deadlift, etc. Thus leaving (a little) less time to recover.

  2. This will likely mean that it will take you more workouts to progress enough to reach the top of the range, and thus have progressed enough to justify adding weight.

BUT, because of the nature of the lift, your progress on the clean & jerk is slower than on basic strength lifts because you don’t just need to gain enough strength ot move the weight, but enough to accelerate the heavier weight.

Soin that regard, the giant cluster set-up for clean & jerk will fit the progression curve of the clean & jerk

Awesome info! Thank you.