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Clean and Jerk Form



I’ve been practicing for about a month now on my form. Any pointers? Below are two attemps: #225 and #245.




Don’t hesitate on the jerk. You had it high enough just drop under that shit. Your 450 skwat is plenty. If weightlifting is your focus, make these lifts the priority. You have more than enough strength for big C+J’s, keep it up man!


Thanks, man. I need to grow a pair. I always get nervous of my feet slipping and doing a full split, and ripping my groin all to shit when split jerking.
I’ve lifted on and off since high school, but I never focused on form until recently. We used to just round-back deadlift it up haha


Try doing some jerks from behind the neck.


With oly shoes or shoes with good friction and lifting platform/stable surface with good friction (horse stall mats, thick rubber flooring etc) you would never have to worry about that happening. If you can get under the bar all you have to do is stabilize it (stand up with it) and you’re golden! I find with jerks, its largely a mental game. I was watching your jerk. Only thing I noticed was your dip being too low. Im far from knowledgeable on Oly lifting but what I notice works really well is: On jerks, the dip needs to be shallow but forceful and at the bottom of the dip your entire body needs to be as tense as possible. This gives that very subtle “bar bend” that helps the bar project upwards. Two things that make this easy to do: elbows/arms are dead still and keep a rigid torso (keep midline tight) The rest is quick feet to drop low enough to receive it overhead. You got it man!


Don’t use those straps on a clean unless you’re cool with broken wrists.