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Clean and Jerk and Snatch


I'm really keen to incorporate these moves into my training - and wanted to design a program that used them... but don't really know how frequently I should be doing them.

I want to continue to squat, deadlift and bench - so should these be left for different days or are there some that naturally fit together on certain days.

All your help would be much appreciated!


Glad to hear you want to start using oly lifts in your training.

As far as when and how often to do them, it's all relative. If you've never tried them before, then you will really want to focus on executing the lift as correctly as possible. This might mean spending an entire training session just on the snatch or c&j as well as the assistance exercises for those movements. These include overhead squats, high pulls, etc.

If, on the other hand, you have some proficiency with the snatch and c&J then I would recommend the following pairing:

Snatch on the same day as but before deadlifts (and its other variations)

C&J on the same day but before before squats (and its other variations)

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the quick reply - I've tried clean and jerk before, but I remember the form being poor, so will probably begin by spending time concentrating on technique.

Could you give me a run down of the assistance moves for each?

(And if anyone has a sample program that would be great!)


I would focus on the power clean for a while and get strong at that before moving on Oly lifts. Have you been power cleaning long? Can you move decent weight on it?

The clean will train explosiveness and when you are at the intermediate level (around 200lbs on the clean), then learning the olympic lifts will just be a matter learning technique. That is just my opinion though, I am not an olympic lifter. I do however regularly power clean.

I do them after squats on days I do not deadlift.


IMO I would train the high pull and front squat mostly. Learning high pull form is much easier then powerclean form. And powercleaning might leave some bad habits ingrained.



Which is more of a question to get you to define your goal. Are you lifting because you want to do the oly lifts competitively? Are you lifting to increase your explosive power? Are you lifting to freak out your fellow gym rats with new exercises? These will influence if and how you do the oly lifts.



There is not point doing Oly lifts if you cant front squat


Its the explosive power element of that I want to develop. Bearing that in mind how you you suggest it will influence my use of oly lifts?