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Clean 225 lbs


Got my squat clean PR of 1rm ..

225lbs clean with body weight of 171 lbs.

picture quality is bad please excuse me for this.need to invest in a good cam.

please comment on my form.


you must have some pretty strong arms. The bar is quite a bit in front of you and that means you are probably using too much arms and too little legs if you are able to do this much weight at your weight. Its hard for me to be able to tell with this quality. Try to do just pulls where you keep your arms and grip as relaxed as possible(just dont relax your grip so much the bar drops). Start with low weights and as you gain confidence from experiencing that the bar will actually not fall even if you are pretty darn loose, increase weight until you get to this same weight. Also it looks a bit as if your back doesnt stay tight during the pull. If you fix these two the bar will automatically stay closer to your body and you'll be able to lift with your legs and lift more weight.


thanks buddy.

will work on this pointers.

i know i need to engage my hips lot more. have started doing lot of clean and snatch pulls from different hieght.

Also those metal plates are sick there can't throw them on the floor, gym does'nt allow me to do that.

will post a new video soon.


Your back is round way too much on your front squat. Do you front squat often? The clean needs to be performed faster. If you can teach yourself to front squat with better form and pop from the squat much faster....you will easily clean 275+


@ olymppiclifting :- i do front squats religiously. my max front squat is 275lbs( with good form ).

Will post my new video soon hopefully my catch in that will be better then this and i could press the weight in better form then the this video.


I believe you but your back is tooooooo rounded on front squats. If at any session you introduce a little bit of rotation you will tear a disc....just probably not bad enough for you to feel pain in the form of a herniation. This will in turn prevent you from getting to your potential. Strength is intimately connected to flexibility. Even when you deadlift your back rounds slightly. It just means your hamstrings are not flexible. The more flexible you become the quicker you will become.