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Clay Guida


He have the potential to be the Dark Horse of the year.

He always make exciting fights, he is one the only guys who use wrestling not to lay n pray but in an entertaining way and addicting pace, he looks like the Energizer Bunny while fighting.

And i guess if Jim Miller wins his next fight they should clash up in order to determine the number one contender in the lightweight.

The few minutes Pettis had off his back were dangerous with some crazy moves but Guida just pushed through it, it impresses me how much this guy is still growing in his career. Best development of 2011 for sure.



There was a part of me that was pretty happy that Guida taught Mr. Fancy kicks a lesson on ground and grind.


Contrary to most parts of Schwarzfahrer, who find Guida to be a dull, uninspired lay 'n prayer.
Yes, he headbangs and jumps and makes wild faces but all he really does is takedown and snore.

The "fancy kicks" are a risk.
Same with submissions from top control.
I can understand why more and more american fighters with a wrestler background just surf it out.
Why should they try anything besides holding dominant position when they are winning the round with this, all the while burning very little energy and maximizing their defense. At least the first round HAD to be Pettis.


Clay Guida definitely does not deserve a title shot or to be anywhere near a title shot with that performance. The only thing he brought to the table was takedowns and strikes with his shoulder. Pettis completely shut down his ground and pound and had him on the defensive when he was in the dominant position. Guida usually has entertaining performances but i was disappointed with this one. The name of the game in the ufc is to put together wins with entertainment. Pretty sure dana white was not happy with that fight and now neither fighter is closer to a title shot.


I don't even know what is counted as submissions attempt anymore, if a guy is on his guard he is losing the fight no matter what in the UFC, I'm going to view as this from now on.

I think it was the first time there was a woman as a lateral judge


That alone makes me happy!


Did you actually watch the fight? Guida was non stop the entire 15:00. The fact that Pettis was good enough to prevent Guida from doing damage is a credit to Pettis. And I think it took a great deal of skill to keep going after Pettis and taking him down.

How come you're not complaining that Mr. fancy kicks didn't have any defense for the wrestlers takedown? He knew he was going to fight Guida. Did he disregard the fact that Guida takes people down? Did he spend too much time in front of a mirror trying to look like Bruce Lee? Come on, Pettis is a pro he should have had some sort of defense. My 13 year old nephew could have defended those takedowns better than Pettis.

And to think Pettis wanted a title shot when he can't even get past Guida - Back to the drawing board junior!


Yup, at this point it is basically part of the "Unified Rules"/UFC rules. I am fine with it as long as everyone acknowledges it, and we get some clarification on just how much it counts. Does top control time = time in control standing. If you wreck me with strikes for 2 min and I get a takedown and stay in guard do I win, or do you? Is it a "ride time"/clock thing, or does damage done/position play in?

Regardless, I do not think we can use lay and pray anymore. Since that is now grinding out a win. I think ZEB has made this point before, but I could be mistaken.


Robert A


Frank Mir was giving a seminar on submissions101 once and he talked about how in the UFC, that it equals total advantage, so if you spend 2 minutes getting outworked on your feet, then 3 minutes on top on the ground you won the round pretty much even with ineffective attacks.

Shame i can't seem to find it.


I think it's bull. But what can you do. There are a few examples of guys winning a fight off their back. Deigo comes to mind (coincidentally, or not, against Guida). But he won the fight with strikes and by being insanely busy.


an old link to MMA judging: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_boxing_fighting_mma_combat/mma_judging


everyone thinks it bull, Cecils People don't