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Clavicle Width?


An extremely important factor in bodybuilding, is there any truth in being able to somehow enlarge it with some of doggcrapp's less known stretches(man that came out wrong)

I'm just concerned as my shoulders aren't particulary wide leading to less potential for growth.

What would be the average age that your clavicles are fully matured, is it strictly during puberty for example?

And can they really be overcome in bodybuilding? I know Heath isn't blessed with a wide frame but he is gunning for the O this year.

Just a random thoughts that I'll probably get flamed for but I feel that it is an interesting thing to discuss!


Your bone structure is pretty much set once you stop growing during puberty. I know I was a little bummed that my hip BONES weren't as narrow as I would have liked for my last show, but all I can do is try to add MUSCLE in places to create an illusion of a smaller waist. If you feel your shoulders are structurally weak, then you should be busting your ass trying to put some meat on 'em.



ah yes the dreaded hip bones, my are wide and i have a tendency to store fat on my love handles as well...I beleive I have narrow clavicles but to be honest I wouldn't know as when I look in the mirror I see the same person I saw 2 years ago(yes I have progressed, its just cause I see the same person in the mirror everyday you get used to the changes)


Why are you worrying about this right now? You seem real young. You actually look pretty wide from your avatar.

Kevin Levrone has narrow clavicles but he still got huge ass shoulders. I know he gots awesome genetics and stuff. Yet why question shit when you're not even halfway to hitting your genetic potential?


I'll add that you won't know your true genetic limitations until you actually reach them. That being said, don't worry so much about tiny details just yet. Focus on the big picture, namely adding a helluva lot of muscle!



Larry Scott faced this narrow shoulder ordeal by maximizing his shoulder development. He has written quite extensively on this topic and has detailed effective routines. Another tip you can do instantly is to keep your hair very short( if it's an option) which will give an illusion of less head mass and make you appear wider in the shoulder region.


hahaha short hair always works!