Clavicle Surgery Help

Hey guys,I am having distal clavicle resection,subacromial decompression and type II slap tear repair (had a labrum repair 15 yrs ago so I know what to expect)anyone have any of this done? how was pain after? recovery time? thanks guys…any tips would be great,I am on TRT think that will help at all?

I had that surgery and will need the same surgery on my right shoulder soon!

Took 2 days off, 1 week was spent in the gym doing nothing but cardio and legs, by week 2 I had incorporated light arms/back, week 6 or so bench and shoulder work.

Its been almost 3 months now and I’m doin great :slight_smile: Still stiff in the morning mostly, takes more warming up that it used to, but I’m back at it 100%. EDIT: Scratch that, I can’t do wide bench. Only extremely close grip bench with the BB, or supinated grip with DBs (I can go much heavier with DBs for some reason).

Pain was bad for the first week, invest in button up shirts! Also, I didn’t have a slap repair, my bad. Just distal clavicle resection and subacromial decompression.

Slap tear repair should bump the healing up a couple extra months for heavy lifting, but you’ll probably be good for light weights by at most month 3.

EDIT here’s my thread on my distal clavicle resection:

thanks my man…I had labral repair before so I know what to expect,but not the other 2…