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Clavical Injury

I was just wondering if anyone here at T-Nation has dealt with torn ligaments attatched to the clavical and how long it takes to rehab. Thanks in advance for responses.


Well, my sister fractured my right clavicle when I was 5 (she was 14, and a mean, mean bigger sister). I did no rehab other than wearing a sling for a month or 2, if I remember. I may have been given a few exercises as well. Moral of the story is: Today (21 years later) my right arm hangs noticeably (to me, at least) about an inch lower than my left, I can’t do dips at all, and front raises are an “only if I ask my shoulder politely” type of manuever.

Your best bet is to get to a qualified sports chiropractor or physical therapist and do what they say, religiously. Good luck.