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Classroom Bottle Piss



Basically a boy had to pee in class. He asked his teacher repeatedly to be dismissed.

She told him no, threatened to write him up for truancy if he went and even wished he would pee himself.

With no other choice, the boy peed in a water bottle in class, discreetly.

A fumbled pee bottle got him caught and he is being sent to an alternative education facility for a month for "extreme disobedience"

I say he should have pissed on the teacher and spit at her too.


Next time that cunt's on her period (and a heavy-flow day at that), I hope she can ignore her body functions and stay in class.



No shit. I actually had a similar situation in HS.

It was dead week, the week before finals when no new material was being taught and teachers were either conducting reviews or playing "educational" movies.

I was in spanish class and we were watching "Aladdin" in spanish, as if anyone was paying attention. The teacher was just being lazy, choosing not to review material with us.

Anyways, she allowed three bathroom passes per semester, I had used zero but really, really had to pee and why not? We weren't doing shit.

She said no. I asked why not and she wrote me up. I told her to fuck off and went.

She was royally pissed. The principals were cool though, probably needless to say but we knew each other pretty well by this point as a junior. (And later, as a senior prank, I would shoot the temporary building classrooms being used while another HS was being constructed with a potato gun)

I got a detention for using the f-word but they had the sense to recognized the ridiculousness of the situation with the bathroom and let it go.

What appals me most about this news story is the administrations response. Utterly ridiculous. And cops get the bad rap.


Sorry to go a bit off topic, but somewhat related.

In 8th grade I was quite the artist. I could draw all my teachers quite accurately. One time I got a large sheet of paper and drew all my teachers on stage performing as members of a rock band. In it I included the stage lights, cock-rock poses, and the first 2 rows of the audience by the stage.

My English teacher, Mr Stein, saw the drawing and commented on my talents. Then he asked if he could borrow it to show his friends. I innocently (ignorantly) said yes and handed it to him.

Next morning my name was called out over the PA system. "Iron Dwarf please report to the principal's office!" What could I have done? I was such a goody-two-shoes.

When I walked into the principal's office, I could see my drawing on his desk. Mr Stein was standing there as well. I was asked to sit down as the principal scolded me for my poor taste.
"Although your drawing is very good, we have no problem with your characterization of the teachers. But you portray people in the audience shooting up and smoking illegal drugs. This is very disrespectful of you to juxtapose such actions in the same context as your teachers. We have no choice but to reprimand you with 3 days Inside Suspension!"

I couldn't believe it! Sentenced to 3 days sitting doing NOTHING in a classroom of "bad kids". I was so ashamed I was afraid to tell my dad. Fortunately no letter went home notifying him of my punishment.

After my 3 days, I became somewhat of a hero around the school.

Later that summer, my dad and I were just hangin' out at the beach when I told him about the drawing and my punishment at school. He was fucking furious! Not at me, but at the school for such a ridiculous thing, and that I missed 3 days of tax-paid education because of some teacher's butt-hurt over a drawing.


He should have left an accompanying steaming turd under her desk.


Plus entrapment!

I think I've shared this before but who cares, I'll give the short version.

Senior year, exempt from finals.

Friends over at parents house, which backed up to the baseball field and then high school, replete with mobile home type buildings fashioned as classrooms to house an overflowing student body while a 4th 5A school was being built in the disctrict.

While swimming in the pool and drinking beer, we decided to shoot the buildings with my potato gun, the impact would be very loud and hilarious considering finals.

We got caught by two security gaurds, a maintenance worker calling 911 to report a "bazooka like weapon" being fired at the school and a cop on the other side of the building who heard what sounded like shotgun blasts and requested back up. This was the year of 9/11, things were changing.

Anyways, we saw the security gaurds and ran, not knowing about the other calls. Ultimately the SWAT team with a newly formed anti-terror unit showed up, blocked the street, prepared for a raid on my parents house and even had snipers on neighboring house roofs.

Fortunately, my neighbor was a good buddy and called to ask what was happening. He said I should probably get home to straigten things out, knowing it was late afternoon and dad would be arriving soon. We looked out for each other.

Ultimately, neighborhood cops stayed behind to write a report and joked about their own pranks, laughingly asking to see the potato gun because it was so funny.

Well the confiscated it, the fuckers. Turns out those things are classified as illegal firearms and the DA would accept charges, with me being guilty of actually shooting the school.

Fortunately the cop chose not to file charges, I'd still be in jail.


Lol...that is seriously fucked up. Some teachers be bitter and twisted things.

But I have to ask - did you actually draw folk shooting up in the front rows lol?

I too had talent however chose to play around instead of taking school seriously and was eventually told by one of my art teachers (I went to Arts Magnet in Dallas and thus had many art teachers) that I "would amount to absolutely nothing!"

I wanted to boot her in the fud! And she wasn't the only one!



C'mon, man! It was the fuckin' 70's!




If she only knew the shenanigans you pull here on T-Nation!



You know...I've half a mind to fly over with a laptop, tackle her in whatever nursing home she's holed her miserable self up in and make her watch my vids!!!

and then kick her in the fud!


I was told I had to stop selling pictures and tattoos to classmates in 3rd grade. Teacher never really explained why is was wrong since there was no coercion and no one was going hungry at lunch.


she was probably just pissed you were making more money than her, Texag.


On a phone and linking is a pain but after lawyers got involved, the alt school punishment was rescinded, the district apologized and the boy will spend three afternoons in detention for having and drinking from a water bottle in class.

Still fucked up but better.


A very similar situation happened at my middle school. Except the kid just outright pissed on the floor. Teacher stopped having a limited number of bathroom passes after that. I don't remember if the kid got into trouble, but the teacher was weird- her claim to fame was that she was a cat lady and supposedly ate cat food (she had it in her classroom closet for no good reason).

The only time I've seen someone get into trouble for pissing at school was in high school. One kid just straight up pissed himself in the cafeteria at lunch time for $50. It was pretty fucking funny actually. Principal had to lead the kid through the lunch room and out the door while he had a massive piss stain on his pants.


Did he get his money?


What do teachers not understand about the fact that you cant decide when you need to piss?


Was this in special ed?


No idea. You shouldn't even need 'permission' to go - just get up and say, "I'm going to the bathroom." and get on with it.


I think teachers just expect kids to be takin the piss when they...oh...lol, I'll have to rephrase that.

I suspect teachers think that a lot of kids might be just trying to get out of class instead of actually needing a piss?


Teenagers are meant to spend these years bridging the gap between childhood and adulthood. It's both ridiculous and insulting that they still need "permission" to go to the wash-room in the first place.