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Classifying Macros

In light of Jay’s post regarding cottage cheese and where it fits in to your meal plan I thought I would post my new quandry.

Are there any “rules” for classifying foods when they posses all three macro nutrients.
Peanut butter
Flax Meal
Nuts and seeds ( eg. almonds, sunflower)

These of course aren’t the only examples, but a few that came to my mind while typing. I am assuming that where the carbs are coming from makes a difference.

When watching your nutrient combos do you count lettuce as a carb source even though it’s content of carbs is negligible. If I eat my Tuna salad wrapped in a Romaine leaf does this break the carbs plus fat rule?

i classify nut butters and nuts as a p+f. there is far more fat in them then carbs and the carbs are mostly fiber and will not cause an insulin spike.

vegees i will eat in either a p+f or p+c the carbs found if eaten in sane amounts are not going to really effect your diet negatively.

i get fat free cottage cheese so that exlains that.

Peanut butter (all natural), raw nuts and seeds come under P+F meals.

As for most green vegetables and certain other veggies, I don’t count the carbs much because they are so low in carbs and typically contain more fibrous carbs. Thus, they can be used as part of a P+C or P+F meal.

And you know what? There are times when I do combine P+C+F in a meal. It’s not going to kill you every once in a while.

In fact, last night I had salmon with mango-banana sauce, mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was awesome! My girlfriend made it, and it was damn good (yes, she’s an awesome cook). So I did combine P+C+F, and it was worth it!

You done it now Nate! You violated the Sacred PFC Rule! You’re going to be a fat-ass!

Do any of you remember this from the t-mag paper issue #7?

Man Awakes to Find Himself Obese

Albany, NY – Medical personnel, with help from the local fire department, removed a 900-pound man from his home in downtown Albany and transported him to Presbyterian Hospital.

Grant Tonkin, 27, unable to move from his bed because of his immense girth, had reported difficulty breathing and called emergency services. Because of his size, fire department personnel had to cut a 6-foot by 6-foot hole in the man’s house and carry him out on a gurney.

What was unusual about the case is that Tonkin, only a week before, had reportedly weighed in a 220 pounds and had a scant 7-percent body fat.

When asked to explain the phenomenon of how a man could gain almost 700 pounds of blubber in one week, attending physician Lawrence Katz explained, "Apparently, the young man, against T-mag nutritionist John Berardi’s explicit instructions, combined fats and carbs in his bedtime meal. While this type of dietary transgression might not cause repercussions quite this severe in the normal male, Tonkin made possibly the worst food choices available, blending together a serving of Fruit Loops, a Krispy Dreme donut, and a can of Bud.

The next morning, he found himself transformed into a regular tubby; a real whale."

Tonkin, when asked to comment, replied, “I can’t believe it. I never took that combining fats and carbs together in one meal stuff seriously, but I’ll never doubt John Berardi and T-mag again.”

Tonkin hopes to return to his pervious weight by doing T-mag’s Fat Fast diet for the next millennium or until the sun explodes, whichever comes first.

I just couldn’t help myself!! :slight_smile:


Nate, where is having salmon with banana/mongo and veggies going to count as PFC?

Salmon by itself may get you over the 10 grams of fat, but just barely.
That just looks like a p+c meal to me.

The real problem here is WHY DID YOU EAT SO MUCH!! You trying to gain weight or something?! lolol


Well, I view Salmon as a P+F meal since it has all the good fats and the piece I had was nearly a pound. It wasn’t the mango-banana sauce that messed up my P+F meal, it was the huge helping of mashed potatoes (made with some butter and cream cheese) that turned it into and all out P+C+F meal.

Jared, I know. I’m going to be such a fat ass now that I went against the sacred rule of food combinations. LOL!

It’s one thing when you eat nothing but junk food, but I have no problem combining P+C+F when it’s all healthy stuff (meat, vegetables, etc). It would be different if I ate fast food or some other crap.

In fact, one of my other favorite P+C+F meals are homemade burritos. I use lean ground beef, whole-wheat tortillas, cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa and avocado for a delicious and healthy meal!


Thanks for that laugh!!

Nate, not only are you going to be a fat-ass, but I believe eating a burrito like that may even send you to hell. Sorry.