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Classical Music 2.0


First thread locked. Thought I'd start another. The Chaconne. Bach's Partita in D Minor for solo violin, Ciaccona:


Yehudi Menuhin. Bach's concerto in A minor 3rd movement:


Heinrich Hamm. Schubler chorale prelude 'Ach bleib bei uns Herr Jesu Christ':


St Matthew Passion:


Ave Maria:


Contrapunctus 9, the art of fugue:


Passacaglia and Fugue in A Minor:


Toccata and Fugue:


When I'm studying for exams I like to listen to full length symphonies on youtube to relax me and block out any surrounding chatting/noise.My favourite is the uc davis(wherever that is) version of the requiem.The requiem is just unreal.


How did I not see this? There's no link to the first thread so since I don't know the rules or the songs already posted, I'll just start throwing some of my favorites of the songs I've played.

Vivaldi - Spring


O Sole Mio


Excerpt from my favorite -Appalachian Spring (full piece is 24min)


Some Gypsy music... hardest piece I ever (tried to) learn - Ziegunerweisen by Sarasate


Cool thread. Who here plays? I should record something. Here's what I've been working on...not a fan of Bach by any means, but here's a jazzy version of one of his preludes. A lot of fun to play.


And just so nobody cries foul, here's an actual classical piece recorded by the composer himself...Grieg's in my top 5.


I play violin. Here's my favorite piece to play (more gypsy music).



I called the thread 'classical' like the first thread but medieval, renaissance and baroque are just as welcome.


I didn't mean like that, I just figured since I posted a jazz performance, albeit based on a classical composition, I should post something more traditional.

Scj, Czardas is great. Definitely heard it many times, although not deliberately. I loooove the crap out of folk music. That's one of the reasons why the Romantic Era is so great. So keep on posting your gypsy music. Strings are awesome, but after plenty of classical study on the piano I figured I'd ease up and just play the guitar for fun.

I gotta go back and listen to what everyone else posted.



Love what you've done with that! =)

I played the violin when I was younger, between the ages of 9 and 16, but gave it up to pursue art when I realised I was playing for someone elses joy rather than my own. One of my favourite shorter pieces was: