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Classic V-Taper


So I've been reading about the classic v-taper, so as the shoulders widen and the lats do, this makes the waist look smaller?

Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for the famous Manchester United, has been taking his top off more than ever recently. And he has a v-taper to be proud of, but why are hsi back and shoulders pretty huge, well especially his back and he looks like he never works his chest.

Is this just to be vain and care about his waist?


Cristiano Ronaldo...huge?


This one shows him looking bigger, and I said pretty huge lats and shoulders didn't I?


i lol'd.
if that's you on the avatar, you play rugby. post some rugby players, they look like men.


That is me on the avatar...my point was not about posting pictures of 240 lbs rugby players.

I wanna know more about the v-taper and what it does.

And why Ronaldo only seems to focus on it. The ladies seem to like it haha.




I would say he looks wide(for a skinny guy) because of his broad shoulders. Also being a player for the great Manchester United surely gets plenty of attention from the media. So i wouldn't be surprised if he has a personal trainer and said "Look mate, there's birds every where and i look like a bloody stick!" and his trainer worked his lats and shoulders to give him that V-taper with out interfering with his regular training. So in the end he's still skinny, light, and quick on the field, but looks wider and stronger.


For those who don't know, in England they refer to bitches as birds. Lived there for 8yrs.


You can be both swole AND fast, don't have to be light to be fast.


I was impressed with the fact you used the word 'birds' as your location is Cali. We use it here in Ireland aswel. Saying you 'rattled a bird' last night is taking off aswel.


yes wide clavicles are a great thing to have.

if you have wide clavicles, even the smallest amount of development will allow you to have a good V taper.

if you had wide clavicles, you would know it and not have made this useless post. So you probably DON't HAVE wide clavicles, so there's no chance in hell of you looking wide and staying skinny.

(bangs gavel).


"I wanna know more about the v-taper and what it does."

What in the hell does this even mean?!?


No, but it's a lot easier to run for an entire soccer game if you're light.


I have narrow clavicles and a long torso with short legs so I have always trained to get the wide look to avoid a blocky look. I prioritize mu upper chest and delts while avoiding any ab exercises. The 1st pic I am 19 yrs old and the next pic is when I am 26 yrs old. I might look a little wider, but never wide enough.


19 yrs old, 1 yr of training


I don't think Christiano Ronaldo (The CUNT), trains to get a classic V-taper, he trains for his sport.





thanks for the back up


I would've thought so. He's the best footballer in the world, I doubt he'd train suboptimally to maintain that position and all the money, fame and adulation that comes with it just to be more buff. I doubt vanity would have much of an impact.... he's already well up his own arse and let's face it, he is in absolutely brilliant shape and most women would drool over his body even if he's not as big as most people here would want to be, plus he's both tall and a good looking lad, not to mention the minor fact that he's a famous multimillionaire. Just look at Hugh Heffner, that in itself is enough to bag as many ultra-hot women as you want.

With the positions he plays in and his particular style of play, extra mass would probably hinder his performance, not help. Extra muscle might help him sprint, but he's constantly so active often throughout a 90+ minute match that extra muscle might tax his endurance. Not really a worthwhile trade-off.

I'd imagine he's the sort of bloke that would really be looking to add some serious muscle once he retires though.


Certainly a lifter can train to improve the look of their taper, but for the most part this is limited by genetics (ie.-joint size, muscle tie-ins, etc.)

**There does not appear to be much developed muscle on the guy in the photos beyond what I would expect see in any athlete at advanced levels. Just looks like what the guy 'came off the shelf with'!