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Classic: Surviving Edged Weapons


Classic film from Calibre Press. This was one of Marc MacYoung's recommended videos, but was fairly difficult for private sector folks to get a hold of.

I recently found it on youtube and am posting it here for those who never saw it, or those who remember when it was more or less "current".

Part 1:
Fucking Cave Men - Yeah, its awesome.

Before anyone says anything, yeah I know the marigins are screwed up. Here is a PSA, about vertical video syndrom, which the knife PSA now suffers from.


Robert A

Knife Defense

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7: More Satan! Yes, there was a time when people took satan worshipers seriously.


Part 8:

Part 9:


Wow Robert, I would download and cache those videos immediately if you think they may disappear at some point in the future. Nice finds!


Nice find, I havent seen this in years, still good. Funny sideline: I was attending a conference on police Defensive Tactics Training , when i first saw this. I havent watched what you posted yet, but, there is a scene, where an offcier is stabbed in the hand, he draws his handgun and states,"get on the ground, Sir," or something like that. All 150 trainers present nearly fell in the floor from laughing at that statement.


From reading your comments on the other thred currently running here, you are entirely too patient for your own good. :slightly_smiling:


Awesome. I always figured parts of the video had to result in eye rolling and laughter from BTDT types.

The video has some WTF in it.

Baseball cap razors.

Pen knife courthouse stabbing(where the guy went after the deputies without anyone looking like they were going to discover his ruse)

Satan Worshiper- "There's a woman being raped. Don't want to get involved." Turns out to be a woman worshiping satan, alone. So...set up?

And the whole politeness after being stabbed thing.

What got me the first time was the injured officer doing the wait and draw down thing even though he was immobile and bleeding. I sort of assumed that the video was always presented with a bit of verbal instruction that sometimes it might be better to take fewer chances with someone who has made it so very clear they are a threat. That part had me hoping the cop/actor puled a Jared Reston and ended the guy before something worse happened.


Robert A



Hope he doesn't burn himself out and keeps posting.


Awesome! Thanks for posting this Robert.


Thank you both for the kind words. You guys are both people I make a point of reading when something come up. I will try not to burn out lol.....although I can't say the same for the eventual crack in my patience and subsequent rant lol. Hopefully those will be few and far between however.


This subject is too valuable to let fade away. This is the result of letting a perp with a knife get to you:


A video of how not to do it.

I don't have a good back story on what is going on owing to my lack of language skills, but this video of Panamanian police trying to arrest/detain a man with a knife seems to violate everything the first video discussed, and shows the consequences.

Video is not safe for work, unless violence is safe at your work. I believe at least one of the officers did not survive. This is sort of the edged weapons version of the Kyle Dinkheller video. Do not watch it if such material bothers you.


Robert A


Fuck Me Running!.......That is one of the most idiotic responses to a lethal force situation, I have ever seen.....Anything that you DONT DO with a perp with a blade, they did...un-fucking believable, how poorly trained those cops were ....but, this should be required watching, especially since it points out how fast you can get cut or stabbed (ex: see my own scar in the picture above), how a determined attacker, whether trained or not, can still close the distance and kill you, how you need to flow into condition black, instead of walking around the guy , like he was a vendor selling ice cream.....Damn, I could go on and on, but, you get the point...pure stupidity.

Thanks for posting that little gem, Robert...


It was a goat rodeo to be certain.

The serious WTF moment for me was when the officer with the longarm gets tossed a baton.

Watching it again I wonder if the rifle (AK pattern I think) was even loaded/operational or if it was a badge of rank, like a swagger stick.

I would love a synopsis of what was said before the police got there.


Robert A



That was hard to watch.


Don't you speak a handful of different languages?

Any insight as to what the hell was being said/going on at the start of the video?


Robert A


Anybody have some good videos or info on how to fight with a knife. I have found lots of wakos out there. Im hoping somebody here has some solid information. I love knives, more than guns, and know a bit about using one but would like to learn more.


All well and good mate, but if you want to be taken seriously, then I'm going to need to see that bicep with a tape measure around it, as well as the number for your bench press 1rm.

Seriously though, that is a badass scar. I have serious scar envy. I think that might mean I need to see a shrink


LoL: Bro, I am just a skinny dude compared to people who hang out on T-Nation and my bench press sucks, because, I spend more time on the heavy bag and not enough on the weights.

I wrote how I got that scar before, I wish I could say that I got it fighting 6 ninjas on meth, but, when I was still a uniform cop, I let a 95 pound female get too close and slice me. HA, that is just not sexy, but, hey, I was stupid.