Classic Grow?

Hey what’s this about “Classic Grow” in the Shake it Up article in the current issue? Is original Grow coming back?

Yes, the original Grow! MRP is coming back. Low Carb Grow! (AKA Advanced Protein) will remain on the market too. And the Grow! bars will be out in about 8 weeks.

all right!!! original Grow is coming back! is it only in choc. and vanilla flavors? ru guys gonna come up with other flavors?

Classic Grow! Man I miss that stuff, when is it due out?

Classic Grow! and Grow! bars - hell yeah!

Not sure when exactly Classic Grow! is coming back. New ads are already appearing for it though. I’ll post that info when I get it.

As for flavors, I only know of the chocolate and vanilla so far. See “Shake It Up” article in current issue for some other flavoring ideas. I had the oatmeal pudding this morning. Good stuff!

Will the Grow! bars be low carb only, or will there also be an “original” version?

Is Classic Grow going to be in packets (please!) or jugs?

Trev- Not really sure at this point. You can probably call up Biotest and they’ll be able to tell you.

Calvin- Right now I think jugs. At least there are jugs in the ads. The jugs verses packets debate is split down the middle. People begged Biotest to use packets and when they finally went to packets they got a few nasty letters wanting jugs back. So it’s a toss up.

The jugs allow you to use the amount you want (I use only one scoop sometimes in recipes for example) and they also keep the cost down compared to packets. You can always put servings in sandwich bags if you prefer packets for travel.

There really is a God!!! I can’t wait for Classic Grow! to come out I know it will make it eaiser for us when it comes to the calorie requirements for MAG-10! Now only if Biotest would come back with Ribose-C!?!?

Thanks for bringing back classic grow. The vanilla was the absolute best tasting MRP ever created!

Will the original Grow also have the price jacked up or will it stay the same as it was?

I can’t believe you guys like the old Grow better than AP! I use to think Grow was pretty good but compared to AP Grow taste like crap. I still have Vanilla Grow sitinging on the shelf…

Chris, maybe you can fact check me on some Biotest history. If I’m remembering the old days correctly, one reason why Grow! was re-packaged was market perception. Too many buyers (and store owners) assumed it was “just” a protein supplement and not a bonefide MRP because it came in a tub instead of a box with pre-measured packets. I thought I read that store managers kept banishing Grow! to the same shelves as whey tubs and 1.5 Gig Weight Gainers. Needless to say, Grow! was a lot more expensive than its immediate neighbors. Hence, the box and packets, which was done almost in self-defense.

Yeehaw, Classic Grow! returns! AP doesn’t have that rich milk shake taste that the original Grow! has. Can’t wait for the bars. I need some snacks to keep in my desk at work for the 5:00 pm munchies. (Some of us T-folk work late and train later in the evening.)

Yes, it’s true about the supp stores putting Grow! in the wrong place. Although I haven’t heard Tim’s reasons, I can only assume he went back to jugs to keep price down. And all I know is that it’s coming back and the preliminary ads show jugs. Packets may be in the works too, but I don’t know.

Will Classic Grow! have a price increase as AP/Low Carb Grow! did? Not my department as they say. Ask Tim.

I talked to Tim about Low Carb Grow’s price increase and he basically said that, as it was, there was no money being made (actually money being lost) on AP sales. It simply cost a lot to make given the high quality. He could have done what a couple of other popular MRP and protein powder makers have done recently - lowered the quality and skimped on the listed ingredients (all without changing the label to reflect this) to dupe buyers, but that’s not Biotest’s style. So the choice was 1) quit making it or 2) increase the price and keep the quality high. Tim chose #2. So I don’t know if Classic Grow’s price will be increased or not. I do know that Tim would never lower the quality of any product just to make a profit.

Feel free to ask Tim any questions by dropping him an e-mail. It’s listed at T-mag.

If only I could replace all those packets of shitty Optimum Nutrition MRPs in my pantry with Grow! mrps…damn,they were the tastiest EVER!

Chris, do you know if original Grow! will have glucono-delta-lactone. I don’t remember it being in there before but I could be wrong. Grow! has been the only MRP that doesn’t give me stomach problems.

I like the jugs at home, but I’m a pilot, so I travel constantly. I usually make a mess putting Grow in baggies, and vanilla looks suspicious. Last week as I boarded a Southwest flight the captain was in the galley shaking up a low carb Labrada MRP. I popped open my suitcase and handed him some Grow, but it looked lame in a baggie.