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Classic Grow! = Orgasm

Good God. Lately, ever since I’ve gotten a job which usually equates to getting money, I’ve been able to buy the stuff I need to look good in my birthday suit. I’ve been able to purchase my multivitamins on a consistent basis, I bought a tub of Surge (expensive as fuck, but tasty as fuck), earlier this weekend I bought a thing of Powerdrive (partly because I have exams next week but its good to have anyways, also tastes good as fuck, however, not expensive as fuck).

Anyways, so today I’m like “y’know, I’ve never bought a purely good, rounded protein powder. I’ve had some that mix great, but taste shitty, I’ve also had some that mix horribly, but don’t taste half bad and I’m never truly able to trust this stuff I’m sending down my gullet. What the hell, I got some money, I’ll buy some Grow!”

So I went to the local health food store and there she was, 3lbs of Vanilla Growey! goodness. All $40 of it. So I reluctantly paid for it and went home. I got home, opened it up and took a whiff… one word comes to mind; “decadent.” So considering the fact that I had just eaten I was forced to save a shake for later. An hour or so later, I was like “screw this waiting, I’m having a shake.” So I whipped 'er up which was easy to whip up by the way. I then took the first sip. I was in Heaven, I had to sit down. This was by far, the best tasting shake I’ve ever had. Thank you Biotest for delivering the goods once again.

Yeah, doesn’t Grow! taste great? But note that Classic Grow! also has a lot of carb. If you want protein powder w/ very lil carb, go for Low-Carb Grow!, which tastes great also.

Ha! If you think vanilla tastes good, wait until you try the chocolate.

“Grow: Tasty as Fuck!” It does have a nice ring to it, almost musical and poetic. :slight_smile:

I must be in the minority because i never cared for how grow tasted. to me, it wasnt chocolate enough. Now if they were to make a dark chocolate flavor…

Yes, both flavors are great, much better than many others I have tried. Methoxy-7 has an awesome flavor also, but SURGE is the BOMB! I’ve been known to eat both Grow and Surge from the container to curb cravings for sweets. I don’t reccomend you do this though as the Grow will choke you to death if you don’t mix it up first.

Yep. The amazing flavor of Low-Carb Grow is the most solid testament to Biotest’s excellence in formualtion and detail.

I don’t think you really know how good low-carb grow tastes until you have to drink one of those other shakes. This has happenend to me this week because I forgot to order low carb grow and ran out until it comes in. Damn is that other shit nasty.

The milk chocolate Low Carb Grow is pretty good but, as Goldberg said, not really a big chocolate hit. Vanilla…so, so. But, I find the vanilla is an excellent base for a bit of modification. Add a heaping teaspoon (or more)of unsweetened cocoa powder to it. I like Hershey’s or, if you can find it, Droste Dutch process cocoa.
I recently tried adding a teaspoon of freeze dried coffee. Just shake it up with the powder, it will dissolve. Absolutely fantastic. I think I’ll try adding coffee to the Choc. Grow to make Mocha next. Maybe a little almond extract…hmmmmmm, lots of possibilities here.

hmmm i might have to order a tub to try it out

any people out there with funky recipes?

i used to mix mrps with such little water that it was almost like a custart/pudding then sprinkle some cereal on the top

Yummie :smiley:

BTW…I just had my vanilla Grow with Hershey’s cocoa and have to say the the Droste is better. Richer tasting and more easily dissolved.

What a great idea Snipe. I’m gonna try to make an extra dark chocolate!

I LOVE Low Carb Grow! Both flavors. I’ve been drinking whey shakes for a long time and they were always something I had to take a deep breath and chug down. But Grow is soooooo yummy - ORALGASM - that when it’s gone I’m holding the shaker upside down and letting it drip into my mouth! I’m wishing there was MORE! I’m licking the inside of the container! And looking forward to my next time.

I used to think Labrada Low Carb Lean Body shakes were pretty good, best I’d had so far. I still have a few pkgs in my pantry. I was out of chocolate Grow the other day and decided to have a Labrada. Good grief! I almost gagged! How could I have ever thought they were “pretty good?” Grow is the best whey protein on the market and I tell everyone that!

Is anyone else here nerdy enough to interpret != as “not equals”? I was wondering how someone couldn’t like the taste of Classic Grow. :slight_smile:

Lisa, your description of how you drink your Low Carb Grow! shake is …well, just plain hot! I may never look at Grow the same way again. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww. Just wait till you try it with the coffee!!!

 I agree - Grow! is too good. My girlfriend had a try, and now after sex she looks at me and with a 'bad girl' smile says 'was I as good as Grow!'

 ...Ahhhh the wonders of competition.

I’m gonna have to add my HELL YES to this thread…
I just got my first order of low carb grow and OH MY good gawd. It’s practically pudding!
I would bake the biotest staff cookies if they ate stuff like that ;).