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Classic Grow! or Metabolic Drive in AM?


Just wondering which I should take before working out? Grow! or Metabolic Drive.

I workout at 5am M, T, R, F and have to have something in the tank before I start or else I won't get through my workout.

Usual breakfast is:

Power Drive and creatine upon waking

About 20-30 minutes later

-1/2 cup of oatmeal (100 % rolled oats)
-1 cup of green tea w/ E/C/A stack

Workout 10-15 minutes later

I was thinking that adding a little protein in before my workout would be a good idea. Just want to be sure I am taking in the right stuff beforehand.


It depends what your goal is. Regular Grow! might spike your insulin, personally I would stick with Metabolic Drive and than preferably Surge after your workout or regular Grow!.


Classic Grow! will not spike insulin levels. I've often used it as a pre-training breakfast when pressed for time and it works fine for this purpose.

However, since your already having oats, I'd just mix in a scoop of Metabolic Drive vanilla with some frozen blueberries. This is my favorite breakfast.


Neither. Take Power Drive


He's already using Power Drive and isn't getting any protein prior to training. Obviously, he'll get greater benefit from protein, as opposed to Power Drive, prior to training. He doesn't have to choose one or the other, though.