Classic Grow! MRP Now Available!

First the bars, now Classic Grow! MRP is back! (Looks like Low Carb Grow! got a new look as well.) Check it out at

More info from the Biotest site:

"When Biotest originally introduced GROW! in 1998, it quickly gained the reputation as being the highest quality, best tasting, full-bodied MRP ever developed. Consumers everywhere fell in love with the delicious flavors and creamy mouth-feel that GROW! provided. GROW! soon became a classic with athletes and health-conscious people everywhere.

Then in 2001, due to a shortage in one of the ingredients, we were forced to take the original GROW! formula off the market, leaving the low-carb version as our only MRP. Even though Low-Carb GROW! provides the same high-quality proteins and delicious taste, many consumers still wanted a traditional MRP that contained ample amounts of carbohydrates.

The inclusion of 23 grams of carbohydrates per serving, as well as increased concentrations of casein, made Classic GROW! a perfect food source for athletes who are undergoing intensified training in order to substantially increase lean muscle mass.

Well, now it's back! Once again, you can experience what many believe is the best MRP in the world — Classic GROW"

My prayers have been answered! WOO HOO! I love Grow! I love Biotest! No more Labrada Low Carb Lean Body packs for me! It’s back to my favorite GROW!!!

Well Gitty Up Chris - that’s great news…now I can stop creating my own at the protein factory…and get back to the good stuff - excellent - Obviously it isn’t the best route to go when on a Keto diet, but it absolutely has it’s place in a T-man’s diet. Thanks!!!

Damn it! I was going to post an announcement about Classic Grow! being back, but I couldn’t since the “post new message” button was bringing up an error page. I thought maybe I’d win something for being the first to notice AND post an announcement on the boards about Grow! being back. I was going to try and win something for getting the word out first :slight_smile: … I guess it was the fastest forum game ever that made me do it. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see it back though.

Chris - while we’re on the subject of new product releases - or in this case - re-releases…is there anything in the back rooms of biotest that’s coming to market soon? TP’s been noticably absent, so I assume he’s hard at work on SOMETHING of significance. Thanks for all of the AWESOME products you guys have to date…and I know I speak for most of us when I say that we can’t wait for new ones. I have to admit that I’m a biotest junkie…but you can’t argue with results.

Have yet to try it. Hey do the grow bars have chocolate on them?

Even though there is good info from week to week, something is noticably missing. :slight_smile: I think it is a marketing ploy. :slight_smile: What do you guys have up your sleaves now? Are you coming out with a talking T-vixen that, when you pull the string, tells us all of Tims’s “dirty-secrets”. :slight_smile: Or are you coming out with an Osama Bin Laden flavored protein powder? Nah, scratch that last one… the mail system may not like that one. :slight_smile:

Ahhh! Can’t wait to try the good old classic grow again. I have totally forgotten what it tastes like since i’ve gotten so used to the low carb grow. i’m glad its back in the containers too. though the packets were convienient i still prefer the scoops. Note to Chris or any other mod - when you click nutrition facts for the classic grow it brings up the info for the low carb grow instead. just wanted to let you guys know.

I am very happy that classic grow is back. But I have to say I am very disappointed that it isn’t in packets. I fly for a living and packets are the only way I can carry enough MRP’s for 6 days of travel. A 2 pound bottle will not fit in the bag. And putting it in a big ziploc doesn’t work very well either. Are the packets returning as well. I sure hope so, but anyway thanks for returning a great product.

Whoo hoo no more Cytoplex.

Yeah. I noticed that about low-carb Grow. I got mine today and it label is now grey. Any reason why Chris? I think you guys should keep them all blue. It looks better.

Also, I wish you guys will make a thin pure-protein powder. I’m sick of Problend-55’s inconsistency.

I’m guessing the serving size is the same as it always was, but just in case it’s not… How many serivings are in the new 3 lb. containers? I think you have said you may have slightly changed the new formula from the way it was. If so, what was added or changed? Last I checked, the nutritional info link for Classic Grow! was a link to the Low Carb Grow! nutritional profile.

Jason - Yes, Tim’s working on a number of cool projects. Some I don’t even know about but the ones I do sound great. Some are brand new supps, some are improvements on old supps. But I’ll let Tim talk about that. Most of it falls under the “Top Secret” category for now.

nkeago: I think only the chocolate Grow! bars have chocolate flavoring. But I haven’t tried the peanut butter ones yet. They may have a chocolate coating, not sure. They were out of stock before I could score a box! Lemon and peanut butter are available now, chocolate and blueberry will come out later.

The packet vs. jug debate cannot be solved. Preference is split down the middle. It’s one of those “ya can’t please all the people all the time” things. Packets are good for travel, jugs are good so you can customize serving sizes and they keep the cost down. If you really like packets, buy good, resealable sandwich bags and double bag a serving. That’s what I do if needed. But with the Grow! bars, I don’t see needing to pack MRP powder along anymore.

T-man - I can’t believe Biotest didn’t consult with you when they changed the color! Damn them! And I can’t believe they don’t allow each customer to customize his own label color! Damn, don’t they know what’s important in life?! Just kidding. I’m guessing they changed the color so it would look different than Classic Grow! on the shelves.

Oh, and if you want a thin shake, add more water. If you like them really thick, add less. Rocket science this is not.

Any other questions should be addressed to Biotest customer service. 1-800-525-1940 or They can help you out more than I can.

Alright smarty pants! Maybe light blue for low-carb Grow and dark blue for classic Gorw. Grey just looks plain wierd. Like it’s not from Biotest or something.

About think/thick. What I meant was also the volume of water. Sometimes I just want a little protein boost with my regular meals that don’t fill me up and also mixes easily. That’s why I sometimes use a pure-protein powder in addition of my staple Grow. But I can’t find one that is as high quality and better tasting as Grow. Hence my wish list!

Yeah! There’s nothing like original Grow! mixed with some oatmeal. Glad to see it coming back!

when i travel i usually just keep some grow in an empty surge container. you can still have customization over how much you want with the scoops and the container is much smaller for traveling. just an idea to consider.

Rock On Chris - Thanks

I am always searching for the next Biotest supplement, mainly out of sheer curiosity (and of course the obvious), but Tim Patterson’s absense has me on pins and needles :wink:

Thanks Nic, I will try that next week when I go to work.