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Classic Grow! Is...Different

I ordered Classic Grow! for the first time because 1) Low-Carb Choc was out of stock, 2) I decided, why the hell not, I am on a continuous bulking cycle and: more calories+same price=should have done this a long time ago.

Well, I’ve had a couple shakes now and I am not quite used to it yet. I have to say Low-Carb Grow! is superior in taste. Which is surprising, considering the carbs you would think that Classic would have more taste. Instead, the first drink tastes more like a traditional store-bought protein drink.

Maybe I am just so used to Low-Carb Grow!. Anyway, I am going to get myself used to it because I get more calories for my buck and man is it filling! Definitely a plus.

Damn, I’m the opposite on this one, I definitely like the taste of regular Grow! as opposed to the Low-Carb version. Every tried a scoop of regluar Grow! with plain non-fat yogurt a la Berardi? Add some slices of banana and that shit is da bomb diggity.

I gotta agree with Travis; I like the Low-Carb Grow! much better. It may not be as thick as the Classic Grow!, but the flavor is still amazing. Also, the Low-Carb Grow! requires much less water to mix than classic; I can put about 3 scoops of Low-Carb Grow! in a cup of water and it mixes fine. I had to add a ton of water to the Classic Grow! to get the same consistency.