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Classic Grow! $12.50


Has anyone else noticed or am I the first? It is listed in the store for $12.50 a tub! I just picked up 8 of these!


Me too, I also ordered 8 tubs.

Guess I'll be set on protein powder for about 6 months. :slight_smile:

I hope this doesn't mean that it's going away again.


Wouldnt surprise me if they discontinued it altogether. From the impression I've gotten over time, most people on this board just use Metabolic Drive.


I prefer Metabolic Drive, but I might have to jump on this. Thanks for pointing this out!


that would be a disappointing development for the rest of us.


Thanks for posting about the sale. Just got 8 tubs.


What great timing. Time to convince what dad:)

I'll probably get 8 tubs too. Thanks for pointing this out.


Chocolate is out...

I bet the cheaper protein that Tim or TC was talking about will come around the corner any time now... (It happened with the bars at least twice...)


Thanks for the heads up, I just jumped on this.


There's way more than that around the corner!

Don't worry, Classic Grow! MRP at $12.50 still works out to a better deal.


That would actually be just what I need. They are cutting the funding in half for feeding us over here in Afghanistan and I tear through protien as it is(5lb jug is gone in month). I could use a couple big jugs of whey on top of the Grow! I grabbed. Ill be all over that like the Carbolin 19 and Flameout that is supposed to be back in the store in the next week or so.


Just ordered a couple myself.


Any reason for the huge price drop? New Formula? Packaging?


Damn is there going to be anymore chocolate during this sale or are you just selling all you have left?


Ordered 8 tubs myself. I'm going to be doing some heavy ass training this summer and those will help immensely.


just ordered myself 6 tubs. can't past this deal up. this should last me through the summer along with 2 other Metabolic Drive tubs


Great catch! I wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for the thread. I already placed an order this week, but I couldn't pass this up. This is going to make my morning super shake even easier!


Dammit!!! I JUST looked, and they have a new flavor of bars! Cookie dough!!!

I was SO in a hurry to order 8 tubs of Grow! that I didn't even scroll down to look at the bars!!!



Not too sure about the cookie dough bars. I still see Rocky Road (and bought some for the first time only because of this Classic Grow! deal, and I needed to buy some more things to get free shipping).

I'm also trying the new TRIBEX and bought a bottle of Spike and I wouldn't have even made another purchase for a while if the Classic Grow! wasn't on sale.


Right on ... Thanks for the post! I would have missed out. Now is a great time to get out the Biotest shopping list and take advantage of free shipping too!