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Classic Frank Yang


What a gem.

Mother fucker.


Who are those people in the car in your avatar? I think they are basketball players, but I don't know.

Also, that's the way most guys in Taiwan lift, like it's a Big Show...but usually not with weight over 200.


hahaha I think if this happened in my gym the guy would be murdered


That was some entertaining douchebaggary.


Haha! I liked how he didn't even set up. Just went right in and pulled.





LOL at the nude deadlifting!

But if he knew he was gonna do it, why'd he wear so many clothes? And what's with the briefs AND boxers?



I always thought this one was impressive. And entertaining when you see the Planet Fitness sign around the 4.30 mark.


Never saw that one! Nothing conventional about that guy... which makes him my new hero.



Man, I kinda wanna be hater because this guy does everything with so little control... but he's too damn impressive. Definitely makes me wanna go train.


I'm most impressed with his gung-ho approach than anything else. He definitely grabs life by the balls in everything he does. And his sense of humor is what it's all about.


Maybe I need to get a running start for my Deadlifts.

Very, very funny - except the french fries floating in the bathtub part -

That was just nasty, and it reminded me of Caddyshack for some reason.


You can't freaking deny that vert.

Good for him, I'm glad he's out there


That is one fast twitch motherfucker.


HA HA!!!! EYEAH!!!! I want to running start everything!!


Junk food one reminded me of Deuce Bigalow.




He posted on T NATION once or twice. He has a thread where he posted pictures of his "car". It was a micromachine car in a parking stall around actual cars.