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Classic Clen Question: Why Back Down?

on my package of clen it says .02 im assmuming thats 20micrograms. a while back ive seen a couple of posts here that suggest clen cycles be run on the 21 day program such these sequence of numbers perday 111222333444555666777666555444333222111… if you have your body taking 140 mcg a day why cycle back down? i just want some input on the cycle you of T-Nation reccomend…and is it smart to start a cycle right after taking clen? thank you

from my own clen experience it is good to stay at the dose which causes the very least side effects, no more than little hand shaking. Make sure you are suplementing with potasium to minimize cramp occurance. It is ok to use it on a cycle, but i would be cautious if that cycle was something oral only and taxing to your liver.

I found clen to be effective for 14-17 days ending with 180-200mcg per day (on first cycle your tolerance shouldn`t go that high). Using AAS while on clen is a wise idea as you might lose some muscle while doing cardio otherwise (if you chose to do one). And there is no reason at all to tapper down clen