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Classic Characters from T Nation

I’ll just leave these here.

umm…not sure what that was aboot @Chris_Colucci


Do any of these people still have @‘s? Curious to see some of these old threads.


Reed is kicking so much ass at life now its not even funny. He’s got his own gym now. I get a kick out of watching his shenanigans. He is a crazy bastard to say the least.

Also maybe I missed it but how can a thread likes this be made and no one mentioned that girl who set this fucking place on fire about like 8 years. Hallowed. If my memory is correct I believe she slept with another poster and his wife found out. It was many years ago.

I do remember her ass was all over google images for the longest time if you searched hallowed t nation. I just checked and sadly that’s no longer the case.

And also HoustonGuy. Anyone remember him? I am pretty sure he had another account but that guys wit and sarcasm cracked me up.

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This was the event that launched the great purge. IIRC, he lied about his relationship status (like people do) his wife was pregnant and fire rained down. She was a pretty sweet person and I felt for her.

Yep -

That was an incredibly unfortunate event that ended a great community here at TN.

So forever more, she will be referred to as “Her whose name will not be spoken”

So it is written, so shall it be done

Unfortunate for sure. I’d say it was more down to the guy whose name has entirely slipped my mind so I guess his won’t be spoken :smile:

Things were just not as fun afterwards.


agreed - but like a Phoenix, we are raising from the ashes!!


IMO the less said about that particular incident the better. I certainly don’t blame the powers that be wanting to have nothing to do with such a situation.



Quite right.

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Not so old, but i remember i think “CB” or something like that, who slow burned us on a thread and he turned out to be a Holocaust Denier, white supremacist. he came back from something like a 6 year hiatus to post in that forum.

Agreed - Its a new day, we should move on.

Can we go back to talking aboot Pushharder?


It’s not like we can run out of things to say. He was an interesting guy.

Someone above mentioned Yomomma. I wonder what happened to her. I thought she was awesome.

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Was he the one who got mad and abused the washing machine?

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I liked YoMomma alot, she was a bass player and frequent contributor.

Towards the end, though, she had some physical issues that she was not forthcoming about.

sad - I do miss the old group.

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I remember that he would get mad at the Mods and the site, and drive to CO to meet with the TN group.

Cracked me up.

Ha! That’s like saying there are several planets in the galaxy. I think Push met half the people on this site.

~Karma~ was an interesting character.

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What kind of physical issues?

I mean if were talking about classic characters from T Nation. You gotta include the good and the bad.

And yeah that situation was messed up.

And I guess we all have different moral compass. But I for one personally found it completely fucking hilarious.

The whole goddamn storey from start to finish. Fat girl with thyroid problem gets skinny finds new confidence. Starts posting essentially nude pics on a relatively obscure bodybuilding forum. Garners quite the little following. Bangs a fellow poster and chaos ensues. Gets banned. Its almost unbelievable.

But yeah I suppose we can pretend like that never happend and that person never existed.