Classic Characters from T Nation

For sure in the 350lb bench thread :joy:. When it started I did some searching on the sight for big benches and found where he said any trainee should hit 350 in 1-2 years.

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Thats pretty damn extreme…

Part of the shit storm he’d rain down I’m sure :joy:

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There was a sweep up of people who were running selective scamming and shill profiles.

I don’t know if he was one or if he just quit once exposed as just a basic non lifting drug dealer/user.

I remember Pat … not KO

KO was Pat’s boyfriend

Haha, I was saying “YOGA??” to myself as I got to your “Yes. Yoga.”

I was there sporadically and had a hard time tracking it. I guess I just didn’t have the time. I really like the message board format, that allows you to catch up when you can, and is a continued conversation without it needing to be real time.

I made him mad enough to go away. :-/ I’ve always felt badly about it.


I dunno. I think there were a few other things. The 20 character min. thread was the end for a couple of people.

I’ve noticed that when there are structural/format changes, some hand full gets angry about it and leaves.

As a general rule I avoid those types of things.

Someone remind me when the great purge happen…

I always miss those. I’ll drift away for a little while then when I come back, poof! Everybody gone.

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PMPM, Vegita, Print, The whole ImHungry/Greeneyes hookup, YoMama, I know that DebraD was mentioned, but I wanted to mention her again -

IronDwarf was a favorite too, as you can probably tell~

wow - so many great memories.

Ummm @polo77j was a great guy too - whatever happened to him?


I messaged with him…

He sorta was requested to leave for being critical over certain product’s. Which I do remember now.

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it would be ramblings about crayons

…and this:

…all day long :sunglasses:


You started this thread, and now TC just posted.

Not implying anything, but…

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He’s one of the original characters of T Nation, and definitely a classic.

I remember them.

Anyone remember goldberg? I remember being so intimated to post back then (had a different account first), and made it a point in my intro to tell goldberg that, yes, I did deadlift.

Anyone remember goldberg?

He was the cheerleader

SSC, PX, Tribunaldude, Bonez, Austin_Bicep, Modok… many more… and the greatest character of all: DANKID! Good times. I can’t even remember my log in info from back then for the Mr.Purple account. I kept in touch with Tribunaldude for a while, he might still look in here from time to time, I don’t know. Big shout out if so, man knows his bodybuilding. Is Stu is still passive-aggressively talking about a certain Professor know-it-all who used to post here? I have to read up and see what’s going on here these days, haha

lol - Most of my passive aggressive reminiscing usually involves more than one character, but when the topic at hand is especially applicable,… :slight_smile:

Lotta names being dropped are individuals I have contact with outside the site, so I guess I probably didn’t notice so many people just magically disappearing as much.



MODOK was so informative.

Anyone remember the name of the kid who ended up in the hospital with a serious gastrointestinal issue from drinking a liter of diet soda per day? I recall he was getting in phenomenal shape for competition, if I’m not mistaken.