Classic Characters from T Nation


He spun a ridiculous yarn for so long.

Count Rockula as well. Whatever happened to that guy?


legend has it his wrestling career took off…

there was a dude on here back in the late oughts, Kliplement, or something, who had some wild stories.

Also, Push & IronDwarf are pretty legendary.


Pushharder will always be a legend. I miss Varquanir too. I had a back And forth email with him for about a year and it was totally in literary allegory it was epic. Best read guy I’ve ever met.


Can a legend be someone I’ll never miss? Pushharder is that “legend” for me. My memory of him is of a once-insightful poster who devolved into an insufferable know-it-all whose EVERY POST was contradicting then one-upping any previous statement he disagreed with. About ANY subject. It was exhausting to read.

Glad I can finally offload that negative emotional burden :roll_eyes::joy:


I would never have imagined myself saying that I miss Orion, but I kind of do.

Also Nephorm and Angry Chicken. And csulli. Chushin.

But it’s the internet. People come and go.


Tribunal dude

I talk with Iron Dwarf on occasion

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I would say Alpha was pretty solid. Now I just get his posts through YouTube.


I understood he is a makes-a-living-at-it artist and whatever competing publication for whom he works got tired of seeing him hang out over here.

Is that true or did I just make that up by filling in blanks with my imagination?

I’ll ask him… he been advising my youngest who is a art major.


That’s the word on the street. That his contract didn’t allow it.

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Yea, I see some of his posts on FB from time to time. Great dude. Super talented.

Love/miss his art work around here


He was a really good guy. Had lunch with him and a buddy of his once when he was in town. Unfortunately, I lost his contact info when my yahoo account got messed up.

There was a whole Google thing with a bunch of people, him, DB Cooper, DebbD, Dr. Pangloss, and a bunch others.

Yeah he’s a good guy.

Chris is basically the same old Chris these days. Strong as hell but now with the addition of yoga. Yes. Yoga.

x2 Alpha was a phenomenal resource and inspiration.
I know they published 1 article of his but Tnation should have made a much bigger effort to keep him around

I found him nauseating at the end but an asshole like Prof X would be useful right now with this wave of entitled teens and 140lbs guys who want to jump on gear/Tren at the drop of a hat



Guy seemed really well educated, had some good posts on training and gear. Interesting ‘out of the box’ thoughts on how to use certain compounds as well - his HGH protocol sounded interesting. Assuming you had the connections and dough to get legit stuff.

I had a gap where I wasn’t on here too much for a while a few years ago, came back to see he had been banned apparently. Never did find out why.


I’d like to apply to be a character too. I just need to find a clown dick costume

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Any of you go back far enough to remember Pat and KO?


I can’t imagine the shit storm Prof X would rain down.