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Classic Cars

While browsing through the car sales catalogs I came across this:

http://www.ksmjaguar.co.nz/ detail.php?vehicle _no=NK8983

Thats only about $3,500 US, for a 1980 Jaguar XJ6 which seems to be in pretty good condition. They’ve got a few other deals like this on that site. Seems like a real good deal - aren’t these vintage vehicles supposed to be good investments? So whats the catch??

It is in New Zealand. Did you do a currency conversion or is it reaaly priced in US dollars.

The catch is that jag’s of that era have the worst depriciation of any vehicle on the road in north america. We have one that is absolutely mint, it was my grandma’s car and has like 12,000 miles on it or less i think. Even it is worth next to nothing. Kind of depressing considering i think it was close to $80 grand new but it really is a shit car. Just really poorly designed and even worse built. Its true what they say you pretty much have to be a mechanic to own one, and a mechanic with a lot of spare time too. If you wanted my advice do not even consider buying one.

Just warning you, if you do get a british car like that, finding parts to fix them, it’s tough, and they need lots of parts. I’m assuming jaguars would be easier than my 77 MGB, but still, I just pray that nothing breaks on it, cause the prices on stuff is sick.

Yes, I did a currency conversion.

I’m not actually considering buying one, but I thought it was a little strange since there are far worse looking cars of the era being sold for several times the price of those Jaguars in this magazine.

I am not sure any car built in the 80’s was worth a shit