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Classic Cars

[quote]imhungry wrote:
While I love classic Mustangs and Corvettes; Grand Nationals were the first car that made a real impact on me.[/quote]

Haha! IH, does Greeny know you’re seeing Chistine on the side?

I’m holding out for a black Trans Am with a big ole golden firebird on the hood. Then I will make my way into the mustache thread for some tips.

Man, I’d like to own a “classic” car. I prefer the '66 or '67 Corvettes with 427s in them. My dad had a silver '66 when I was a kid, although it was the 327 with 375hp. Not a 427, but a very impressive size to power ratio. Of course, nowadays those cars go for a fucking fortune thanks to all the Japanese suddenly getting a hardon for them about a decade or two ago and snatching most of the really clean ones off the market.

When I first started driving my first car was an old '67 Impala with a 396 Turbojet engine, although it had less than 300hp I think. Then I had a '78 Cadillac Seville for a little while and then a huge fucking triple-black '73 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 400cu engine that the previous owner had rebuilt with 400hp instead of the original 230hp or whatever it was back then. I finally stopped driving cars like that though when I was about 21 or 22 because that was right about the time gas went up from about 1.75 a gallon to more than 3.50 a gallon in just a couple months.

The Jag looks nice, but parts are expen$ive for it. If you’re handy, you can probably deal with the upkeep. A popular engine/transmission swap for them is the Chevy 350/350. I’m more into Chevelles and Novas, parts are available for them and the $$ is always right.


[quote]Spock81 wrote:
I want a 1970 Chevelle SS.

My buddy had a convertible Chevelle SS…can’t remember what year…I got to drive it a few times.