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Class of TMuscle '05 and Older?


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I'm from 1999. I found this place when they ran their article "Speed Demons."


Mine has no attachment for a chainsaw sigh[/quote]

Hey man, I did the navigation and we're only 8,540 miles apart.

[got to do my part to keep one of TN's greatest lurkers from slinking back into the bush][/quote]

Well I'm still here.

Been trying to upload this photo of your new chainsaw for the bike, hope it works (but then again I'm a noob at such things)

Perhaps I should start a thread on the longest lurkers here at T-Nation. Might be a bit like the 200 m for non swimmers in this classic Python sketch (another noob loading attempt, someone may have to help me, much easier when they're imbedded into the post)


Damnit, now I can't even use join date against you.



I am old and been doing this awhile, no worries, if we ever get to play COD you will get to laugh at me.


I can't believe you're that far ahead of me. I believe its because you still post in the politics forum... one good argument there will drive your post count through the roof.


Can I get a bump for our OG’s


I’ve been here a while. I think I got here just before TC and Tim Patterson.


Hi. 2003 here.


I’ve been reading T-mag since 1999 or 2000 but I think I joined the forum in 2002 or 2003.


Joined in '98, but there was a reset or two since the original incarnation. Even so, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few ‘really old’ members on here… not sure how I feel about that -lol



'04 in the house


I think I’m an '04.


Started this account in 2003 (I think) but remember reading articles here as far back as 1998 or 1999.


Boy, do I miss the old Grow! packets. Loved that stuff. I was reading T-nation back in 99’ when I lived in Va Beach.


Oh wow lots of old names in here. Sad!


This thread is still going??? I’m checking in again. Work is a little slow right now, so I might keep trolling these boards for awhile.




samesies. Ian King’s single leg workouts were cool


Hey whatever happened to ProfX anyway? Did he talk shit all those years only to be humiliated by CT I those T Nation training videos?