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Class of TMuscle '05 and Older?


My apologies then. It seems we've gotten off on an adversarial foot.


Perhaps. But we've had barb free comments too. I understand the sensitivity though. Apology accepted. Again, much of communication is lost in type. I know we've discussed this before and here it is again.


See, what did I tell you, only girl crotches.


I don't watch tv anymore if I'm going to waste time it's online.
Maybe that's what happened to you.


I don't understand.


It was directed at Sky and from another thread, I was just teasing him.


I just noticed the quote stream is all, no biggie. I hope that works as a pun...


damn, nice pics from that old gathering. Granted, I've only been around since '05 (created acct in '06), but seeing that picture thread from the Alberta gathering almost makes me sad to see how the T-Nation forums are today. The fact that Eric Cressey is in one of the pictures shows how T-Nation used to be a badass little community... now, these forums are fucking garbage with too many posters, too many trolls, etc. It is just a cesspool.



Southerngirl was one of the hottest women I've ever seen that wasn't airbrushed in a magazine.

Damn she was awesome.


I don't follow directions well. You're gonna have to show me.


I remember reading the ABCDE diet article and thinking it seemed reasonable, fucking dumb.


There was another pain in the ass, Al Shades, who had some pretty long douche threads.


Everyone talks about the good old days but honestly there's no such thing. The forums are no better or worse than they ever were, they used to be more heavily moderated though. it used to be that every single post had to be approved by a mod before it was posted that's changed however which leads to more trolling but honestly a better user experience.



Ahh, I remember these :slightly_smiling:

Classic stuff

Remember some of the other stuff wrote too. Brings back good memories.
(And some bad ones. Everyone has to start somewhere hahaha)

Hit a 5 rep max PR on my bench yesterday and on back squats today :slightly_smiling:

-Stay Strong


I actually joined back in like 2001/2002 when there was a physical T-Mag that you would get. I took a small break from the gym and lost all my information including my username and password. Doh!


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Holy shit push I just noticed you amost have 25,000 posts!


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