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Class of TMuscle '05 and Older?


What is my bodyfat?



congrats on being King Shit of Turd Mountain! Nothing you do means anything!


I do. I remember one of the worst diet programs in existence was conceived by that magazine, "ABCDE" (The Anabolic Burst Cycle of Diet and Exercise). Forget the exact details, but it involved eating complete shit one day and going low-carb/low-calorie the next. Everybody just got fat off it.

I also remember ordering "Body of Work", one of the most homo-erotic videos every produced. It was somehow gayer than actual gay porn. My mom came into the basement once when I was watching it, right at the point where Shawn and Bill were parading around Las Vegas in their underwear. I think she still has suspicions that I'm gay.


Ryan's steakhouse story.../thread


Haha, I know exactly what story you are talking about, even though I probably read it over 10 years ago and have not read it since.


Yeah he was alright. What happened to Zapbranigan? Not sure if that was his name or just his avatar. Dude had more posts than Professor X, which is epic.




Damn! Wasn't gonna reply but you guys bring back old memories! Nate Dogg, WideGuy, Rainjack, Vroom, BigRagoo.... SouthernGirl is still the hottest chick I've seen on this board. She either completed her M.D by now, or is the star attraction of the Spearmint Rhino!

Best poster from then: ProteinPowda! The powda had a way with words I haven't seen since. Or rather, words had a way with him! LOL

Good times, literally the golden age of T-Nation to me!

Anyone remember the epic fight with a mega douche called XCelticX?


That was his screen name. Shit got personal, so he left.


I remember when, oh wait...That wasn't me


dude, his penis is a "widdle better than average" and he has a paycheck that you wouldn't believe. what's not to feel good about? :slightly_smiling:


You know what I'm wondering...kinda morbid but...

wonder who we don't hear from anymore b/c they have simply passed away as opposed to lost interest and moved on.

I too have been here from the beginning, under a different screen name I can't even (but wish I could) remember. I lurked forever, thought the forums were a monumental waste of time and energy...what happened to me?! LOL


I was here since mid-2002 under a different screen name. But back then I would only post in response to articles. I remember thinking posting in the forums would be a huge waste of time as well. I think some of the comedic gold in some threads was what changed my mind. Or maybe I just had too much time on my hands.



That was from a t-cell gathering back in the day. Back when Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic was only Cass and still in University. Lots of names I remember and quite a few that I still see in person here and there.

~E Pluribus

And a lot of others who just vanished over the years.

And yeah I remember a lot of names that people have mentioned. Some I miss, some I don't.

I wonder whatever happened to Goldberg. . .


And the messiest house I've ever seen.



This was from our second T-Cell gathering.

God I was tiny.


Same here.



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It was a sarcastic joke, smart guy.


What I feel good about is being in your head like my fat cock stretching a pussy to a new circumference.

Anyways, paycheck comment in mind, it's amazing what changes can happen in a few short years. When I joined, I was working on my undergrad, my biggest concern was what bitch I would hit on at the nights keg party and where I would be spending spring break. Also clowning RainJack aka "Poodle Nuts".

Since then, I've finished two degrees, been an employee and formed my own company. I would be interested to hear what else has been happening in other og's lives?