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Class of TMuscle '05 and Older?


Rainjack was a good guy who knew his shit. He just didn't deal well with fucking retards. I don't blame him either... they've always been numerous on this board.


Yup....2004...but I was here as soon as the site started - followed TC from MM2K...


The dude was the Jackson Pollock of profanity. An elegant mess.


SkyzykS, sometimes you really have a great way with words.


Amen.........wait a mintue...


wow - must be a real light-hearted guy.


Thanks ID.

This thread just reminded me to update my ordering info. Apparently I have moved twice since first starting here.

I'd swear I placed a few orders to the last place I lived though.


Wow guess what I was able to drag up from memory. :slightly_smiling: Hopefully the Avi shows up.

I wonder if the Mods can do anything about this?

Do I stick with the DJHT or can we combine both?


160 IQ huh?


Yeah, I remember all this shit. 95% of the friends listed in my profile are gone and I miss them.


I don't remember my join date, so I'm posting to see.


Still haven't figured out a way to feel good about yourself without trying to bring others down, Huh?

Give it up man. It's tired, stupid, and repulsive.


I remember getting my hand held by Amsterdam Animal, sucking up way too much to X, and being REALLY freaking annoyed by that Livefromthe531 or something guy.

What a tool.

Oh, and I was the guy charged with keeping the BOI alive somehow after AA left. Good times.


Anyone remember Patricia, ko, MonkeyBoy Eric, or AvoidsRoids?

OLD school.




Yep. Times a million...


You guys remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Muddogs won the Bourbon Bowl?


What about the pullup king, Zeb? I still have his routine somewhere on my hard-drive.
Vroom was a cool guy; really level headed and helped out newbs.
Whatever happened to Ian King? I remember he wrote several lifting programs back when I first got on the site.


Anyone remember John Davies?


Ian King has King Sports International last time I checked, but I don't know if he is still active, and recently outed Alwyn Cosgrove as a plagiarist. I had a copy of Get Buffed, which even included q&a segments from the original site format, but loaned it out and it was never returned.

I remember Davies and the Renegade Training too, along with that battle about the use of unstable surface training.